Source Article by Ronald M. Powell, PhD:
Symptoms Resulting from Exposure to Radiofrequency/Microwave Radiation from Smart Meters
In February 2013, the expert testimony2 of Richard H. Conrad, PhD3, and many other experts worldwide, was submitted to the Maine Public Utilities Commission when the Commission was considering the future of Smart Meters in that state. Dr. Conrad reported the results of a survey of 210 individuals who had experienced symptoms resulting from exposure to Smart Meters.


What the survey does and does not tell us
The survey does not address the frequency of occurrence of symptoms in the general population when exposed to Smart Meters. So the survey does not tell us how likely it is that a person in the general population will experience symptoms after exposure to Smart Meters. But the survey does tell us what types of symptoms are being experienced by those who do become symptomatic after exposure to Smart Meters.


Individuals who reported previous symptoms that worsened to severe
Appendix 2 of Dr. Conrad’s report shows the number of persons, out of the 210, who reported

…previous symptoms that worsened to severe intensity (from either mild or moderate intensity) following smart meter exposure.4

A copy of Appendix 2 is below.

Individuals who reported new symptoms
Appendix 3 of Dr. Conrad’s report shows the number of individuals, out of the 210, who reported symptoms that were new, that is,

…symptoms suffered for the first time in their lives, symptoms they had never experienced before smart meters5

and that were either severe or moderate in intensity after exposure to Smart Meters. A copy of Appendix 3 is also below.


Because the symptoms in both Appendix 2 and Appendix 3 can have causes other than exposure to Smart Meters, the survey included an extensive list of questions designed to determine whether Smart Meters were the cause. Only individuals whose answers were persuasive of a causal connection were included in the survey results.


Symptoms versus biological effects more broadly
Symptoms, as that term is used here, are biological effects that can be sensed. But an absence of symptoms does not mean an absence of biological effects. Many of the biological effects associated with radiofrequency/microwave radiation either cannot be sensed at all, such as a loss of male fertility, or cannot be sensed until an advanced state of disease has been reached, such as cancer. A broad range of biological effects, both those that can be sensed and those that cannot be sensed, have been researched extensively by the international biomedical research community. The findings are described in detail in two comprehensive reviews of the
resulting published research literature.6,7


Appendix 2

Health: Severe and Worsened Symptoms After Smart Meter

Appendix 3

Health Sypmtoms After Smart Meter Installation

1 Ronald M. Powell holds a PhD in Applied Physics from Harvard University and has worked for the Executive Office of the President, the National Science Foundation, and the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

2 Pre-Filed Testimony of Richard H. Conrad, Ph.D., Appendix 2 for worsened symptoms and Appendix 3 for new symptoms (http://www.mainecoalitiontostopsmartmeters.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/Exhibit-9-Conrad-Web.pdf). This 198 page document describes the survey design and results in detail.

3 Richard H. Conrad holds a PhD. in Biochemistry from Johns Hopkins University and did postdoctoral research at the Institute of Molecular Biophysics of Florida State University and in the Department of Biochemistry of Cornell University.

4 See the reference in footnote 2, Exhibit D, page 3.

5 See the reference in footnote 2, Exhibit D, page 3.

6 BioInitiative Working Group, Cindy Sage and David O. Carpenter, Editors, BioInitiative Report: A Rationale for Biologically based Public Exposure Standards for Electromagnetic Radiation, December 31, 2012 (http://www.bioinitiative.org). This review of the biological effects of electromagnetic fields is 1479 pages long and considered the findings of about 1800 publications.

7 Paul Dart, MD, Kathleen Cordes, MD, Andrew Elliott, ND, James Knackstedt, MD, Joseph Morgan, MD, Pamela Wible, MD, and Stephen Baker (technical advisor), Biological and Health Effects of Microwave Radio Frequency Transmissions, A Review of the Research Literature, A Report to the Staff And Directors of the Eugene Water And Electric Board, June 4, 2013
(http://apps.fcc.gov/ecfs/comment/view?id=6017465430). This review is 74 pages long and references the findings of 279 publications. Also included on this web site are six files containing viewgraphs of a presentation given to the Eugene Water and Electric Board on this subject.



Ringing in the Ears and “Tinnitus”

Ringing in the Ears and “Tinnitus”

Are you one of the many people who are hearing a constant, mosquito like, high or low-pitched metallic hum? Some people refer to this condition as “tinnitus” but what millions are now experiencing is not tinnitus at all, but rather a technologically induced hearing issue created by chronic exposure to pulsed RF/microwave radiation frequencies.
Many people complain that they develop ringing in the ears after chronic cell phone use or a smart meter installation on their home or installation of cell towers or masts close to their homes. The more exposure people have to these toxic technologies, the more likely they are to experience troubling symptoms like “tinnitus.”
I have been learning alot about this issue as I am also writing a book about ultrasonic irradiation and and how it is damaging the children. Hearing loss has become a major issue in children since the early 1990s when the FDA raised the output levels on obstetrical ultrasound machines 8-fold. Simultaneously, the use of prenatal ultrasound in obstetrics went up 73% in the short six years between 1993 and 1999. Subsequently, the number of newborn babies diagnosed with hearing loss has more than tripled.
Millions of people can hear RF/microwave frequencies. Babies and young people under 25 can hear ultrasonic frequencies. In scientific terms, they call this “Microwave Hearing,” or “Microwave Auditory Response,” or the “Frey Effect.” The noise occurs in response to skull bone absorption of ultrasonic or EMF/microwave radiation (look up bone conduction) which heats and rattles the bones. The cerebral spinal fluid and all of our brain matter are heated and rattled as well.
While the bones are absorbing the heat and the radiation force from these toxic, manmade frequencies, the crystals in our bones begin to oscillate rapidly and intensely. The crystals literally morph and deform, expanding and contracting at the rate of millions of times per second in response to the alien frequencies.
Our bones are made of a crystalline structure. There are crystals in the human ear, in our pineal gland, in the cerebral spinal fluid and our blood as well. These crystals VIBRATE in RESONANCE with the very toxic, discordant, alien frequencies being created by these evil, brain damaging technologies which are billions of times more intense than anything any living creature was ever designed to experience.
Once the oscillations begin, they do not stop because we are being exposed to these horrific frequencies 24/7. The oscillations carry into the crystals in our ears, vibrating the cilia (to the point of necrosis) and the cochlea, and this is the phenomenon they call “microwave hearing.”
My personal opinion is that those who can hear these frequencies have an inborn warning system that lets them know they are being bombarded with frequencies that can kill them. The instinct is to run away or make the noise stop, but there is nowhere we can go to get away from the assault.
The same is true for babies in the womb who often struggle and fight to get away from the ultrasonic frequencies. But they are trapped, with no way to get away from the noise and extreme heating caused by ultrasonic irradiation.
We have to do something to stop this assault and I invite my readers to please subscribe here to this website so we can stay in touch and you can receive updates. My forthcoming book, “The Dark Side of Prenatal Ultrasound,” should be released by the end of 2018. If you would like to be kept abreast of the book release, please visit my other website at www.BirthofaNewEarth.com and subscribe there.

SO CALLED “SMART METER” INSTALLATION VIOLATED Electrical Code (NEC), Article 240 –Overcurrent Protection – 240.4 Protection of Conductors)

EMF WEBSITE RESOURCEhttp://www.radiationdangers.com/

Excerpt: “Electronic meters are not meters in the sense that analog meters are meters. They are computers. As such, they are subject to NFPA 70: National Electrical Code (NEC), Article 240 –Overcurrent Protection – 240.4 Protection of Conductors). For an electronic meter to comply with NEC, a properly sized electric circuit 200-amp breaker would have to be placed between the incoming service wire and the electronic meter. None of these electronic devices were deployed with these conditions met. The utilities ignored this and just swapped one device for another in total disregard to the enormous risks to consumers.