Proliferation of wireless radiation emissions accelerates new ‘Silent Spring’

Proliferation of wireless radiation emissions accelerates new ‘Silent Spring’

On Earth Day, the Global Union Against Radiation Deployment from Space (GUARDS) warns it is essential the public recognizes what experts have long known: wireless radiation harms insects, birds, and trees.

This is not a new finding, but no global action has yet taken place.  The 2010 Report on Possible Impacts of Communication Towers on Wildlife Including Birds and Bees, commissioned by the India’s Ministry of Environment and Forests, reviewed the literature on health and environmental impacts of wireless radiation.  As shown in their Figure 2 (below), the vast majority of over 900 peer-reviewed studies show wireless radiation causes negative biological effects on humans, other animals, plants, wildlife, bees, and birds.

Wireless technologies are promoted as green and harmless but are neither.  In addition to detrimental biological effects, they contribute substantially to global carbon dioxide emissions and accelerated climate change.

According to Energy Consumption in Wired and Wireless Access Networks, “Wireless technologies will continue to consume at least 10 times more power than wired technologies when providing comparable access rates and traffic volumes.

There is also strong scientific support for a moratorium on the implementation of 5th generation wireless or 5G which, like other wireless technologies, has never been safety-tested and will likely have a disproportionately negative effect on insect pollinators.

The current regulatory structure is focused solely on preventing thermally-based damage to wireless users.  Environmental harm is occurring without any regulatory response to prevent it.  Wireless exposure limits were never set to prevent harm to the environment.  That is proving to be a mistake.  Trees, crucial to global carbon dioxide balance and necessary for oxygen production, are being damaged and killed, as are pollinators and other wildlife.

As wireless technology proliferates, it creates damagingly high ambient levels of microwave radiation – electrosmog. Serious environmental damage is rapidly occurring including hereditary DNA damage and possible species extinctions.

Unlike chemical pollution spills, no physical contamination remains if wireless use is halted.  An immediate reduction in wireless exposure means an immediate reduction in harm and will bear immediate fruit.

Commercial ventures, such as SpaceX and OneWeb bringing internet connectivity to the world via wireless radiation emissions from sky-based platforms, may accelerate environmental damage so quickly it becomes impossible for our regulatory agencies to act fast enough to prevent widespread environmental and economic devastation.  In addition to increasing ambient microwave radiation, the vast number of rocket launches necessary to support an infrastructure of over 20,000 internet satellites will result in atmospheric ozone degradation caused by rocket exhaust – exacerbating ongoing ozone losses.

GUARDS was formed in 2014 to prevent irreversible atmospheric and biological damage from massive deployments of altitude-based radiation-emitting intrusive technologies.

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