New International Organization Alerte Phonegate

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Please take heart.  Things are moving along.  I would like to make you aware of the new organization Alerte Phonegate, while it is based in France.  They are taking action internationally.  You should sign up for their newsletter and notices directly since I will not be able to re-circulate them all.  See the excerpts of the letter they send to the FCC along with the Environmental Health Trust.  They are doing great work.  Please help get the word out through social media and to the news media.  The letter to the FCC is a particularly good one to get into the hands of the news media.
Unfortunately, device safety does not address the effects we all experience from second-hand or ambient radiation levels.  Just as with smoking, use of wireless technology by anybody, exposes everyone whether they consent to it or not to the health hazard that that second-hand radiation exposure entails.  Those risks are not insignificant for us or for the environment.  To quote from the recent GUARDS press release ( ), “While public focus has been on the safety of wireless device users, an increasing number of studies show second-hand or ambient radiation levels negatively effecting endocrinecardiacneurological and other biological functions, as well as harming wildlife and plants.”     It is important that everyone realize this.  Societal norms regarding smoking only changed as it was realized that smokers were not just making health choices for themselves, but also for everyone around them while they smoked.  This is even more true for wireless technology users.
I have also pasted a letter below from Dafna of We Are The Evidence raising awareness about Michigan state Senator Patrick Colbeck’s courageous speech reminding his fellow legislators that their most sacred trust was to protect public health and that there is evidence that 5G is not safe.  Please send the link to his speech to your legislators and congresspeople and ask that they also speak out.  Send them the European 5G Appeal which enjoys broad support among knowledgeable scientists and doctors (Cover letter with links to the Appeal pasted below.)  They can also find good information at and
Please help raise awareness.
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The people in Michigan have done a phenomenal job objecting the 5G legislation that sadly passed the Senate today despite all the overwhelming evidence of harm – scientific and human.
HOWEVER, one person, a real human being, stood out and up – Senator Patrick Coleback. Senator Colbeck’s speech should be heard by every legislator in the country. His speech may awaken them and remind them of their supreme duty to protect the health of the people and that not doing so is a violation of the states’ constitution. His speech is the FIRST SPEECH by any legislator in this country who finally spoke the truth about wireless health effects loud and clear.
The following words by Senator Colbeck should be written in stone:
“Article 4 section 51 of the Michigan Constitution States: ‘the public health and the general welfare of the people of the state are hereby declared to be a matter of primary public concern. The legislature shall pass suitable laws for the protection and promotion of public health.’ Despite the convenience and theenormous economic growth potential associated with the Internet of Things OUR PRIMARY CONCERN ASLEGISLATORS is NOT CONVENIENCE, NOR ECONOMIC GROWTH. As much as I love technology as per our Michigan constitution the PUBLIC HEALTH AND THE GENERAL WELFARE OF the PEOPLE OF OUR STATE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE OUR PRIMARY CONCERN”.
He also said:
“This convenience comes at a price and it comes at the price to the health of many of our citizens most notably children babies in the womb and even adults who suffer from hyper sensitivity to wireless transitions”.
“A few weeks ago I distributed sample data to each of you from scientific studies…complied by bioinitiative,org. ..the adverse health effects are very serious.”
“Many of us are rightly concerned about the hazards of cigarattes, lead levels..and other harmful substances…but I regreat to inform you that we need to add electromagnetic radiaiton from wireless technology to this list”
Please put a LIKE to the speech.
Please send him thank you email to :
Please share with your State Legislators and with your state’s memebers of Congress.
Thank you Senator Colbeck. After 5 years of tireless work on this topic, fighting for the truth to be heard and to save the lives of the people of our world, this is only the second time I’ve heard a legislator speaks the truth and I had tears. Thank you for speaking the truth.

Dafna Tachover, Managing Director
Attorney (NY, Israel), MBA
Phone: (845) 377 0211
Phonegate* : First international actions of the association “Alerte Phonegate”
23 March 2018
Our action has now taken form with the creation of an association governed by the law of 1901, called « Alerte Phonegate » and whose notice was published in the Journal officiel des associations et fondations d’entreprises (Official Journal for Associations and Business Foundations) of March 10, 2018.
The purpose of the new organization is to establish, both in France and Europe as well as internationally, a network of individuals, organizations and communities fighting for the recognition, protection and defense of the health of users of mobile phones within the framework, inter alia, of the health and industrial scandal called “Phonegate”.
The constitutive General Assembly has appointed as Founding President, Dr. Marc Arazi, who is proud of this vote of confidence, “…thanks to the many qualified individuals and organizations who have already agreed to actively participate in the important work ahead to alert international institutions and propose appropriate measures to protect the health of more than 6 billion mobile phone users.”
While the first two interventions of Alerte Phonegate are intended for the United States, in reality they concern all of us, so much are public health issues cross-linked today.
When asked “What is the SAR limit violation of which the public will be informed by the FDA that cell phones violate US regulatory SAR limits?” The FDA did not respond. Will the FDA act if a phone exceeds the regulatory limit by 5 times or 10 times or 20 times? How high does the radiation SAR value need to go to trigger an FDA response? However, instead of responding to the question asked on October 18, 2017, Dr. Daniel Kassiday,​ ​Radiation Safety Engineer, wrote on behalf of the FDA, “At this time the FDA has no concerns about the regulatory safety limit set by the FCC.”
The FDA has been fully informed that regulatory limits can be violated by common consumer behavior and has failed in its duty to protect public health.
Furthermore, the FDA has stated that the National Toxicology Program findings of increased tumors in rats is not applicable to health risks to people—discounting the association with cancer—allegedly because the NTP used higher exposures than those to which people are exposed. However, the French tests show that, in fact, people can receive exposures that are higher than those used in the 2-year NTP bioassay—between 3 to 12 times higher than the recommended limits—to the areas of their bodies where they hold the phone in contact with their body. Thus, contrary to what FDA replied in their letter of 2017, the NTP study findings are directly relevant to human health, especially when you consider that children will have a lifetime of exposure and they and many adults sleep with their phones, unaware of the radiation exposure.
Protecting our health and the environment by using a hardwired computer in a low RF environment.  For more information, see

Aggressive Brain Tumors on the Rise in England

Aggressive Brain Tumors on the Rise in England

Rate of GBM More Than Doubled Between 1995 and 2015

March 25, 2018

The incidence of glioblastoma multiforme (GBM), the deadliest type of brain tumor, more than doubled in England between 1995 and 2015, according to a new analysis of national statistics. During that time, the number of cases of GBM rose from 983 to 2,531.

“We found a sustained and highly significant increase in GBM throughout the 21 years and across all ages,” said Alasdair Philips, the lead author of the study, which has just been released online by the peer-reviewed, open access, Journal of Environmental and Public Health. 

“The incidence rate of GBM, the most aggressive and quickly fatal brain tumor, is rising dramatically in England while the rates for lower grade tumors have decreased, masking this dramatic trend in the overall data,” Philips told Microwave News from his home in Beeswing in southern Scotland, not far from the English border.

Philips provided the graph below which shows how the total number of malignant brain tumors (black line) has remained fairly steady, concealing the increase in GBM (red line).

Brain Tumors in UK High Grade vs Low Grade

Source: Alasdair Philips

What’s Causing the Rise of GBM?

Philips and coworkers do not know what is causing the increase in GBM, but they reject improved diagnosis because these tumors are generally fatal and are very rarely missed. “We suggest that widespread environmental or lifestyle factors may be responsible,” they write.

One possible factor is the widespread use of cell phones.

“When we looked at the incidence of GBM tumors we found an even more dramatic rise in frontal and temporal regions of the brain. This raises the suspicion that mobile phone use may be promoting gliomas.” Philips told us (see figure below). “Indeed, our findings support previous work by Lennart Hardell’s group in Sweden.”

Frontal and Temporal Lobe GMBs

Source: Alasdair Philips

“The new paper adds further evidence for the increased risk of glioma associated with mobile phone use,” Hardell told us by e-mail from Örebro, Sweden. “It is in agreement with previous epidemiological findings of a higher glioma risk in humans using mobile phones and certainly also with the recent RF–animal studies from America and Italy.”

Philips also raises the possibility that an increased exposure to X-rays from CT scans might be contributing to the higher rates of GBM.

What’s Going On in the U.S.?

Increases in GBM have previously been seen in other countries, notably in the Netherlands (see our story from 2016). And there has been some anecdotal support from Denmark: In 2012, the Danish Cancer Society reported a spike in GBMs. The Society quoted a neuro-oncologist at Copenhagen University Hospital as saying that this was a “frightening development.” That news advisory was later removed from the society’s website. (See our “Something Rotten in Denmark.”)

In 2012, a group at the University of Southern California reported an increase in GBM in the frontal and temporal lobes in the U.S. But, a more recent analysis by the Central Brain Tumor Registry of the United States did not show a rise in GBM from 2000-2014 (Fig. 25). The CBTRUS study did not look at tumor location. Why there would be a difference in the incidence of GBM between England and America is not clear.

We asked David Carpenter, a neurophysiologist by training and the director of the Institute for Health and the Environment in Albany, NY, for a comment. “This appears to be the evidence that has been predicted from all the recent case-control studies showing an association between cell phone use and brain cancer,” he told us. “The question now is whether we’ll see this same trend in the American population.”

Joel Moskowitz of the Berkeley School of Public Health agrees that the issue needs more attention. “Those who cite statistics that appear to show a flat-line trend in overall brain tumor incidence and argue that cell phone use doesn’t cause brain cancer need to examine data on the location and type of brain tumors over time,” he said.

“Urgent Need for Funding

Philips too wants more work to be done. “Our results highlight an urgent need for funding more research into the initiation and promotion of GBM tumors,” he and his coworkers argue in their new paper.

Philips is a trustee of Children with Cancer UK, a British charity. He is also the founder of PowerWatch, an activist group that has long urged precautionary policies for radiation exposure. Denis Henshaw, the second author of the new paper, is the scientific director of the cancer charity and a professor emeritus at the University of Bristol. Children with Cancer had no direct role in this study, Henshaw said.

Philips has been working on this analysis for the last seven years, without any outside funding. He himself paid for the data from the U.K. Office of National Statistics. His findings beg the question: Why didn’t anyone else, notably an epidemiologist, detect this trend in rising GBM?  Henshaw commented that their findings illustrate the need to look more carefully at —and to try and explain the mechanisms behind— brain tumor trends. “You should always keep your eye out for the unexpected,” he told us.
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