Help stop Congress from mandating 5G!    

Help stop Congress from mandating 5G!    
Wed, Mar 7, 2018 5:44 pm
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To Webmaster
Dear All-

There are scores of bills before Congress seeking to increase societal exposure to wireless radiation.  A bill, H.R. 4986, to expedite 5G now has bipartisan support and is a serious threat (see Dafna’s email below for details). 
I know many of you cannot travel to D.C. to lobby Congress, but the wireless industry can and does lobby Congress continually.  Kevin Mottus and Dafna Tachover have both been working at the national level to educate lawmakers about the tragic consequences wireless technology is having for many people.
They need your help!  They need your story to share with lawmakers to help them to understand the terrible price tag wireless technology has.  Every story adds another dimension and another face to the invisible, oft derided, masses of people being injured by wireless radiation and forced from society.
Take a few minutes to write a succinct (a page or less) summary of your experience.  Include as many details as possible to establish your normality and credibility prior to the toxic exposure that gave you RF sickness.  It is essential that lawmakers really understand that it can happen to them and to their families and friends too!  
Additional directions are below.  Brenda, who is assisting Kevin, can help people who can’t use computers to get their stories heard by taking dictation over the phone.  Her contact information is below.  Please send one copy to Kevin Mottus/Brenda at and another to Dafna Tachover through or at  Dafna can also use brief high quality videos of articulate people talking about their experience, see her website for additional information.  She can post stories anonymously if necessary, but it would be most helpful to the movement if you’ll allow your name to be used.
Help Kevin and Daphna help us – Send them your story today!
Also, call your Congresspeople in opposition to 5G and H.R. 4986
Please pass this on widely!
Thank you,
P.S.  It would be best if you used primarily or exclusively either radiofrequency (RF) sickness or microwave sickness to help lawmakers understand that it results from toxic exposures to RF and microwaves.  See below for further information.
Protecting our health and the environment by using a hardwired computer in a low RF environment.  For more information, see

Request for testimony:

Length of Testimony: 1-2 pages is fine but one tight page is even better in simple format.  


1. Who are you? Where you are from – include your name, address, State, telephone and email. Include facts about you to show you are normal and credible (for example I am a mom of 3, PTA President, Attorney etc…)  

2. How your sickness began? How did you make the connection between the symptoms you were experiencing and wireless radiation. How has Cancer and or EHS/microwave sickness affected your life and health?  List your symptoms specifically and the specific wireless source. Use the term microwave sickness as well as EHS because that is what it is-we are being microwave radiated.  EHS is the industry term used to marginalize the issue. 

3. Then most importantly-What will the implementation of 5G with its cell transmitters every 2-10 homes emitting ultra high frequency wireless (24 Ghz to 90 Ghz) continuously mean to you, your health, functioning and life?  

Stay focused on Cancer and or EHS/Microwave sickness for this testimonial because this is what we are advocating for in these short meetings.  Please leave out multiple chemical sensitivity for now.  Please refrain from talking about mental health issues or mental health treatment because the industry likes to marginalize and dismiss electrosensitivity as a mental health issue rather than the medical condition that it is.  We do not want to make it easy for them to marginalize or dismiss us.     

4. Please email these testimonials to my assistant at  If you can sign the testimonial, scan it and email it to us that is even better.  If you cannot scan it then send it back with your name and address at the bottom without the signature. 

Thank you for helping us to get you the protection you deserve.   Kevin
If you need to dictate your testimonial, please call: 
Brenda Renschler

Important that we ALL start calling it what it is according to Webster’s Dictionary- Microwave Sickness:   

Please Circulate to Others!
Inline image 1
(Note: I think it is important to use a term that Webster Dictionary recognizes.  When I enter electrohypersensitivity, electro hypersensitivity, electrosensitivity, EHS nothing comes up and it is not recognize


.  If we are going to try to get this and other sicknesses caused by microwave radiation recognized and get protection, I think it is important to start with a term that is recognized.

I realize this term does not refer to all electrosensitivity in the very low range like from electrical wiring but right now we are trying to address the massive roll out of 5G with its very high frequencies.   I think we all need to start using a term that does not in its nature marginalize us, is not bashed and discredited online as EHS is, and refers directly to what is happening: people are getting sick from microwaves.  I would like people to at least refer to Microwave sickness to increase people’s understanding and then they can also add that people are also getting sick from the lower frequencies as well.
Our communities are about to be majorly assaulted by 5G; I think we need to do everything we can to get decision makers to understand the problem and act to protect.)
Thanks as usual.  Kevin
From Daphna
Hi All,
Some more bad news…
On Friday.2/3  it was announced that Republican and Democratic lawmakers have reached agreement to allow for the sale of spectrum to speed up the introduction of next-generation 5G wireless networks”.  Reuters News article –  U.S. Congress to vote on allowing spectrum auction for 5G networks
The house will vote on the Bill – H.R. 4986 (Ray Baum’s Act)  on Tuesday 3/6/2018.
The House PR statement,says  “This bipartisan, bicameral product puts consumers first and solidifies the nation’s critical telecommunications infrastructure …Importantly, it includes spectrum legislation that passed the Senate unanimously last year…” .

Press Here to the Senate Commerce Committee PR

​. ​
The Bill  on which they will agreed to vote in favor of H.R. 4986 is incorporating into it key provisions from S.19  MOBILE NOW Act  the Bill that was introduced on the first day of Congress in 2017 by Senator Thune, the head of the Senate  Commerce Committee. S.19 was the first 5G Bill and aimed to enable to fast track 5G and to facilitate the auctioning of the 5G frequencies. It is not clear if they will also move ahead with MOBILE NOW Act and vote on it in the House. 
The House PR Statement further explains: 

The legislation to be considered next week would: …
”  Enact key provisions from the Senate-approved MOBILE NOW Act (S. 19) to boost the development of next-generation 5G wireless broadband by identifying more spectrum – both licensed and unlicensed – for private sector use and reducing the red tape associated with building wireless networks.”

According to the statement the first frequencies that will be auctioned are the 24G & 28G. 

Of course the announcement is starting by saying that the Bill Puts Consumers First… Well I guess if we refer to industry as being a customer of Congress, after all it is paying “our” Congressmen and Congresswomen to do what it wishes, then yes, this legislation indeed puts “consumers”, ie, idustry first…
And the lie continues. 

Dafna TachoverManaging Director
Attorney (NY, Israel), MBA

Smart meters rolling into mid-valley

Smart meters rolling into mid-valley

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  • LEBANON — Tiffany Flesher expects to see many advantages after the installation of a new smart electric meter at her Miss Anora’s Salon on River Drive.

    “I’m excited,” Flesher said. “I think it’s going to help us in terms of productivity, and it’s going to be less intrusive not having a meter reader show up at any time. It’s also going to be safer for Pacific Power staff.”

    Flesher said the unit will also allow her to monitor power usage on a daily basis and if there is a power outage in her area, reduce down time.

    Some customers are concerned about potential health risks associated with the radio frequency that connects the smart meters with Pacific Power headquarters, but Flesher said she has no apprehensions about that.

    “It’s easier and is going to save time and energy,” Flesher said.

    Flesher works in her beauty shop along with four contractors.

    Sawyer Schulze is employed by Aclara, which is contracting with Pacific Power to install nearly 590,000 smart meters statewide.

    He has installed 2,000 to 3,000 so far. The job takes only a few minutes and is basically a “plug and play” process. Crews of 50 persons will install about 1,500 smart meters per day.

    According to Pacific Power spokesman Ry Schwark, about 20,000 new meters will be installed in coming weeks in Lebanon, Sweet Home, Albany, Brownsville, Crabtree, Sodaville, Foster, Crawfordsville, Cascadia and rural homes.

    The new meters are being installed without additional cost to customers, Schwark said, and if the customer prefers, he or she can opt to pay a monthly fee to have a meter read manually. There will be a one-time fee of $137 and a monthly fee of $36 to retain the old system.

    Pacific Power plans to complete the more than $100 million statewide project by November 2019.

    Schwark said the company has told its 100 or so meter readers for the last 10 years that most of those positions would be eliminated in time.

    “We announced this plan in 2016 and about 25 of 100 meter readers have moved into other jobs,” Schwark said. “This is definitely not a surprise to anyone.”

    Schwark said smart meters have been used internationally for years and more than 70 million are already in use in the United States.

    The ability to gather information nearly instantly will provide Pacific Power with greater efficiency in terms of meeting production demands, the company said.

    Customers will have the ability to track their power usage hourly on their personal computers, so they can choose to reduce peak demand hour usage if they wish.

    Just like the old meters, a smart meter measures the amount of electricity a home or business uses.

    But instead of being read only once a month, now information can be observed at any time of the day or night by the customer.

    Smart meters use low frequency radio waves to transmit that information to Pacific Power headquarters.

    Not every customer has been as happy as Flesher about the switch to smart meters.

    The Linn County Sheriff’s Office recently was called about an angry customer who did not want the Alcara service person on his property. Another customer voiced concerns about her health and safety during a recent Sweet Home City Council meeting.

    But Schwark said the amount of radiation emitted from a smart meter is less than that of a cellphone.

    And, it is transmitting only about 1 percent of the time, so any contact with members of the household is minute.

    But there are those who believe smart meters create issues with their sleep patterns; increase their stress and anxiety levels; and cause them to experience headaches, ringing in their ears and even cardiac symptoms.

    The allegations have not been confirmed scientifically.

    In the mid-valley, installations in the Sweet Home area began this week. Albany installations will begin about March 26, and installations in Corvallis will begin about April 23.

    To learn more about smart meters, visit, or call 1-866-869-8520.

    Contact Linn County reporter Alex Paul at 541-812-6114.

Thinking of 5G? Here are some useful links




Dear Patients

On Thursday, March 1, 2018, at approximately 10:00 am Arizona Public Service (APS) came to my office without warning while I was seeing patients and threatened to have me placed in jail if I did not allow them to immediately install a cluster of 3 “smart meters” in very close proximity to where I work and see patients 14 hours daily 5-6 days per week. APS called the police when I refused installation and 2 police officers including a sergeant arrived and threatened to arrest me under statute 40-431.

I repeatedly asked the APS supervisor that this matter be discussed at a time that would not keep my sick patients waiting, and they refused, which stopped my ability to see patients with scheduled appointments for nearly 90 minutes. I had several patients that waited 90 minutes and several patients who left the office unable to be seen due to their disruption.

I explained to APS that I personally have experienced serious health problems with a smart meter at my home that had to be removed. For this reason, I was granted a medical exemption for my office when I purchased the building 6 years ago. At that time they placed non-transmitting digital meters, which are currently working fine and they have access to. I explained that my business is taking care of many patients with extreme chemical and electrical sensitivities and the room where I care for these patients is literally 3 feet away from where they would place these 3 “smart meters”. They still refused. This standoff continued outside my building in full view of many of my patients. The police who had threatened me with arrest were on the phone and received approval from their legal department to arrest me under AS 40-431, even though I know now that this statute only applies to blocking the reading of the meters, which I was not, and does not apply to exchanging meters.

The police stated now that they had legal approval to arrest me. I was certain I was going to have to go to jail to protect my health and the health of my patients and asked my receptionist to contact the media to film this tragedy. Shortly after that, APS finally backed down and stated they would send their installation crew away.

I am still in shock. That a law-abiding citizen and business owner just trying to take care of patients would have their business stopped by a powerful power monopoly without warning, that the police would threaten to arrest me at the monopoly’s insistence citing a statute that does not apply, that I do not have the right in my own building to protect my health and the health of my patients and employees. Has it really gone this far? Do we actually live in a police state where the health rights of individuals do not matter?

I am still in the process of letting the reality of this incident sink in.
I am certain APS will be back.

For those who have any suggestions on handling this particular situation, please contact me as I am new to being an outlaw.

Dr Deborah L Dykema
Board Certified Physician
Business Owner
Delivering Healthy Healing in the Valley
For over 37 years

Smart Meters have been linked to multiple health issues including sleep problems, headaches, anxiety, heart palpitations, tinnitus, memory, immune and hormonal disruptions. For those who would like more information on electrical sensitivity, electro-smog and the health and other hazards of “smart meters” …

Smart Meters Effect on the Brain and Health 11m

Dr Laura Pressley, Ph.D. on Smart Meters 13m

Watch Take Back your Power 1h41m
or get the DVD

Warren Woodward, Sedona Smart Meter Awareness 16m

Electomagnetic Health Issues

Smart Meter Information

Stop Smart Meters Org 


Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Dear Council member


My name is Judie Gembala.  We have been Chelan county residents since 2002 and reside in Manson.  My husband and I are in the Smart Meter Awareness group, and wish to make you aware of the effects and dangers of radiation from the smart meters P.UD. wants to install on every building receiving power in the valley.  Our intention is to inform you that our resistance and concern are for every one in the valley, ourselves, you and your grandchildren.  We express our concern in the most altruistic manner for the collective safety of the people living in this valley.
The dangers of radiation are real and the detrimental effects of radiation are becoming more apparent as people educate themselves about how much radiation we receive and how our world is becoming an increasingly irradiated one.  We receive it from sunlight, dental x rays and microwaves, and our cell phones.  These rays are not innocuous and do harm us, a host of medical issues are connected to EMF in our lives.  We use sun screen, limit dental and chest x rays and know that microwaves leak around their doors even with the best of door seals, and make efforts to protect ourselves.
The new 5G towers are also an alarming development being installed in the U.S. The towers will also be in closer proximity to our homes than normal cell towers.  Neurological problems of continual exposure to EMF delivered by these towers is alarming.  The 5G towers will work in conjunction with “smart meters”.  Neurological damage and cancers are a few of the many detrimental effects of any wireless radiation.  Reproductive issues and immune system problems and DNA damage are real effects of exposure to these frequencies.  Wireless radiation damages cells.  There are numerous studies that point to the dangers of radiation, it is a sign of awareness to be concerned about these new technologies.  We are irradiated when we walk through the scanners at the airport, we receive radiation when we fly in the plane.  Every exposure to radiation is dangerous. There is new information that “smart meter” radiation is being linked to Autism and Dementia. Having a cell phone to your head for merely a half an hour a day triples your chance of having a brain tumor. This is not harmless technology for all of it’s benefits and we need to educate ourselves about the dangers and to make our voices heard in opposition. We as consumers can limit our phone use.  We cannot escape wireless frequencies flowing through our homes, businesses and ourselves.  Numerous homes who have had these meters have also suffered disastrous fires from the meters.
At the last meeting of the council one of your members said that they would look into how this would impact our community and what PUD’s opinion would be.  With all due respect, now is not the time to defer to the opinion of the  P.U.D. administration. We the people have always been reassured that we are the P.U.D., that it is a publicly owned entity.  Is that fact represented by the lack of concern shown by power companies as they disregard the concerns of the owners of the utility?  This is a financial benefit to power companies. They feel reassured by outdated safety studies and are very reluctant to slow or stop installation based on the mere opinions, research and concerns of power customers. They listened to the opinions and information our group brought them, our concerns and request for an “Opt In” policy for the meters.  Ann Congdon, a P.U.D. board member for the county, took a stand against installing these meters.  She expressed the opinion that she could have just abstained from the vote for installing them on our homes and businesses and said that in good conscious she could not abstain.  That she would be shirking her responsibility to us, the power consumers in her district, and she would not vote to install them.  She was a member of P.U.D. who came to our meeting, watched the documentary “Take Back Your Power”, educated herself on health issues connected with these devices. Her stance was an example to me of courage in the face of industry pressure and the most courageous and ethical expression of true accountability to us, the consuming public that I have seen in my experience.
You are in the wonderful position of taking our research, opinions and educating yourselves to look intently at what these meters will mean to our health and well being.  P.U.D. expressed to our group that they would have no interest in the intrusive disclosure of how and when we would be consuming power, but that is not the point. By the power industry’s own admission, the data collected will be of far more value that the income of the power sold to the power consumers.  This in a time when we continually give up privacy for a perceived benefit in more and more aspects of our lives.
Please make your decision with great concern and care.  These meters should not be imposed upon us if any number of the populous are concerned that they are dangerous.  The best outcome would be if the Council declined all of these meters in the valley.  You have the position, the right and the responsibility given to you by us, to respond to and make the best decision about the installation to these meters.  An “Opt In” position is at least showing concern for our citizens, but does nothing to protect the people who have no awareness of the dangers of “smart meters” and are totally vulnerable to the hazards of having them on their homes.  I believe your duty is to make the most conservative decision in regards to these meters.  Those people who have them unwittingly installed on their homes may perhaps feel very betrayed down the road when the true costs of this system are known.  There is also the fact that even if we don’t have a smart meter on our own home, we still receive radiation from houses that do. The increased household expense of buying the “smart appliances” that will be required so that they can transmit, by internal transmitters, the information of your power consumption to P.U.D. are a cost no one is mentioning.  Our toaster, manufactured in the fifties, will not and cannot communicate with the “smart meter” and as such will be seen to be obsolete in the power companies intention to capture all your power consumption information.
Please take this opportunity to reflect upon the courage of a P.U.D. board member who would not defer to the opinions of her fellow board members and the power industry and acted on her informed research and her personal ethics to vote against this technology.  You are now in the position of showing that same courage.  You will not be punished by the industry for your accountability and your constituents will applaud a decision made to simply say “no thanks” to “smart meters” in any form for the valley residents.  Isn’t it wonderful when life gives an opportunity to act with integrity as we make very critical decisions, because we can?

Kindest  regards,
Judie Gembala

Duke customer says his bills are way up after installation of smart meter

Duke customer says his bills are way up after installation of smart meter

Ted Chavarria is afraid of the next bill coming from Duke Energy.

“By the time it’s said and done, this bill may be $1,500 or $2,000,” said Charvarria. “They’re not going to give me any help.”

He said last fall Duke installed a new smart meter on his main home and one on a small one-bedroom home he also owns. The words “Not Sync” and “Not Reg” are flashing on both meters. Chavarria has no idea what the words mean, but he said a Duke customer representative told him the smart meters are not communicating with Duke.

Chavarria received a bill for $720 over a 90-day cycle billing period, according to the statement. He said he also paid bills during the fall, but that no bills came in October and November from Duke. He assumed the 90-day bill included the two months he didn’t receive a bill. But he said the billing is much higher than prior to the installation of the smart meter.

Duke spokeswoman Meghan Musgrave-Miles said the power company is looking into why the meter reader did not make it to the house in October and November, but she said the meters are accurately reading power usage for customers. She said, however, in Charvarria’s case, the meter is not communicating the usage to the main office and the network has to be further set up with other homes in his rural community in Polk County before the smart meters will send usage without someone from Duke coming to check it each month.

Chavarria said his bill for the one-bedroom house is way up compared to years and months past. The statement stated last year the cost per day for that house was $3.78 and this year it’s $12.89. He said bills for that unit typically ran around $130 a month.

“You tell me a one-bedroom house that’s less than 700-square-feet that has been that same average price for the last 15 years has all of a sudden gained $300 a month. And this is their new smart meter reading this stuff?”

Chavarria said the communication by Duke and it’s customer service has been poor and no one has clarified what has been going on with his situation. It’s why he called News 13 for help.

“They said the only thing is they’re (smart meter) is not transponding. I said, ‘Would that not constitute a problem with your meter?’ ‘Well, yes,’ she said. I said, ‘How about coming and checking again.’ She said, ‘Well it’ll cost you $40.’”

“We recognize this experience caused frustration for the customer, and we are reaching out to them to discuss appropriate payment options and we apologize for the inconvenience,” said Musgrave-Miles. “The customer was told they would incur a $40 fee for a meter test because we had completed a meter test the previous month, but we will waive the fee. The technician left a door hanger for the customer on Jan. 10 indicating the meter test produced an accurate read. We have a stringent testing process for smart meters, and testing typically increases seasonally – per customer request – when energy usage spikes due to extreme low or high temperatures. Since smart meter testing has been implemented, we have not found any issues.”

The Duke spokeswoman also said bills are significantly higher this winter compared to last because of the frigid weather.