“Smart” Meters Replaced Due To Malfunctioning, Fires, Or Explosions

195 Exploding E-Cigarettes Get More Attention Than Hundreds of Thousands of “Smart” Meters Replaced Due To Malfunctioning, Fires, Or Explosions

By B.N. Frank

News coverage of exploding e-cigarettes has been widespread.  Lawsuits have been filed.

Here are excerpts from a recent IEEE Spectrum article, February 26, 2018:  “Exploding e-Cigarettes Are a Growing Danger to Public Health.”

  • In July 2017, the National Fire Data Center of the U.S. Fire Administration identified 195 separate e-cigarette incidents in the United States between January 2009 and 31 December 2016.
  • 38 incidents resulted in third-degree burns, facial injuries, or the loss of a body part.
  • The number of fires and explosions has risen in tandem with the rise in e-cigarette sales.
  • The report also notes the lack of regulations, codes, or laws governing the safety of the batteries in e-cigarettes.
  • There’s reason to believe that many cases of injury are never registered with government authorities.
  • An online blog asserts that at least 243 e-cigarette explosions occurred from August 2009 to April 2017, resulting in 158 personal injuries. Other explosions harmed animals or property.
  • No specific laws govern the safety of e-cigarettes.  In the absence of laws or regulations on e-cigarettes, legal liability may be the best way to apply pressure to makers.

During the approximate same time period, hundreds of thousands of wireless or digital utility “Smart” Meters have been replaced due to malfunctioning that has also caused fires and explosions.

On September 5, 2012, IEEE also published an article about utility “Smart” Meter fires and explosions.

Also reported in 2012, 57 California municipal governments had officially opposed utility “Smart” Meters in their communities.

In 2015, “Hundreds of smart meters simultaneously explode” in Stockton, California.

Another organization wrote a follow-up article which investigated further into the Stockton explosions and similar situations elsewhere.

More recently in California, PG&E customers and their insurance companies have been filing lawsuits due to their utility “Smart” Meters catching fire and/or exploding.

Over the years, there have been others who have also filed lawsuits against their utility companiesafter wireless or digital “Smart” Meters were installed and caused problems.

In 2012, Consumer Reports warned customers about problems associated with utility “Smart” Meters including their short life span.

A few experts suggest that smart-meter conversion represents little more than a boondoggle that is being foisted on consumers by the politically influential companies that make the hardware and software that are required for the smart-meter conversion. And based on our investigation, it’s difficult to disagree.

According to a more recent article from Energy Central,

… the only metric on which these smart meter deployments could be considered as successful would be number of meters deployed. And this is only because they were essentially mandated.

Utility companies still insist on installing wireless and digital “Smart” Meters all over the world.  They claim they are beneficial to customers and are good for the environment.


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The Santa Fe Alliance for Public Health and Safety filed a lawsuit against the City of Santa Fe in federal court on January 11. …

 Arthur Firstenberg info@cellphonetaskforce.orgHide
To bearstar bearstar@fastmail.fm
Dear Friends,
The Santa Fe Alliance for Public Health and Safety filed a lawsuit against the City of Santa Fe in federal court on January 11. The Alliance includes doctors, health care practitioners, psychotherapists, artists, teachers, a Health Department official, a city planner, a world class athlete and others who have lost jobs and homes to cell towers, or who have patients who have lost jobs and homes to cell towers. We are asking the court to declare Santa Fe’s 5G ordinance unconstitutional, and to rule that neither the State of New Mexico nor the U.S. government may prohibit a city from protecting its citizens. As far as I know, this is the only litigation of its kind in the United States at the present time.
Our litigation is assuming greater importance by the day, because the assaults on our planet are rapidly escalating, and we haven’t much time to stop them.
One week ago, Elon Musk announced an audacious plan to launch 12,000 low-orbit satellites “to beam an ultrafast, lag-free Internet connection” to every square inch of the earth. They will contain PHASED ARRAY ANTENNAS and will operate in the MILLIMETER WAVE SPECTRUM. In other words, 5G FROM SPACE. The first two test satellites were launched on a Falcon 9 rocket yesterday. News reports say “The initial satellites in the network are expected to come online next year.”
Each satellite will be the size of a mini-refrigerator and weigh about 400 kg. 4,425 satellites will be at an altitude of about 700 miles and 7,518 satellites will be at an altitude of only 210 miles.
To give you an idea of just how radical of an assault this will be, as of September 2017 there were a grand total of 1,738 operating satellites in orbit. About 930 of them were in low orbit (less than 1,000 miles above the earth). None of them were lower than 400 miles in altitude. Only 208 low orbit satellites were used for communication. Only 125 (Iridium and Globalstar) were for cell phone service. None of them provided high speed data. None of them were phased arrays.
The earth has never experienced anything like this. Even if Musk’s Falcon Heavy rocket could launch 100 of these satellites at a time, which is likely, that still means 120 rocket launches. If he wants to get them all up there in a year’s time, that’s one launch every three days. And there are at least ten other companies that want to launch thousands of satellites each to do the same thing. OneWeb plans to launch the first ten of its planned 2,400 satellites in May.
The earth’s protective ozone layer is still being depleted, scientists have just discovered, even though everyone thought the problem was solved by the Montreal Protocol. With so many rockets blasting holes in the atmosphere these days, that could be the reason. But nobody is talking about it.
The most current satellite database, kept by the Union of Concerned Scientists, is here: https://s3.amazonaws.com/ucs-documents/nuclear-weapons/sat-database/9-1-17-update/UCS_Satellite_Database_9-1-2017.xlsx
Musk’s scheme alone could cause a catastrophic ozone loss, and it could also destroy all life on the planet. Musk’s project is called Starlink.
GUARDS (Global Union Against Radiation Deployment from Space (http://stopglobalwifi.org) will have a teleconference this Sunday to discuss what to do. We need people with ideas, connections, and skills. Contact me if you want to help.
I need:
a book publicist
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a fundraiser (paid on commission)
If you can help with any of the above, or know people with excellent skills in those areas that I can hire, also contact me.
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