Electric ‘smart’ meters causing problems in Rockland County, state senator says

Electric ‘smart’ meters causing problems in Rockland County, state senator says

State Sen. David Carlucci, D-Nanuet, left, discusses a singed electric meter with a Rockland County resident.
State Sen. David Carlucci, D-Nanuet, left, discusses a singed electric meter with a Rockland County resident.MID-HUDSON NEWS NETWORK PHOTO

NEW CITY, N.Y. >> State Sen. David Carlucci said Friday that new, electric “smart” meters being installed on homes in Rockland County area are causing some problems for homeowners.

arlucci, D-Nanuet, said he has received calls from residents who have reported meters smoking and others who said appliances malfunctioned after the meters were installed.

“We want to make sure that they have recourse against Orange & Rockland (Utilities) when an appliance isn’t working or when they do have burn marks on their house,” he said.

Those meters are a “proven safe, secure and reliable device,” responded Orange & Rockland spokesman Michel Donovan.

“None of the O&R smart meter installations has resulted in fire. There have been four instances of flashovers during installation. Two of those were the result of installer error and two were the result of faulty equipment,” he said. “No fire resulted from the flashovers and no one was injured.”

Donovan said the utility received six claims for what customers believe has been damage to their household appliances as a result of smart meter installation. Of those claims investigated so far, there has been no correlation found between the appliance damage and the smart meters operation, he said.

The claims were for two stoves, one light fixture, one power strip, one computer and one printer, he said.

O&R has installed more than 53,000 electric smart meters in Rockland County since mid-June.



2 comments on “Electric ‘smart’ meters causing problems in Rockland County, state senator says

  1. Interesting, all of my comments to the DAILY FREEMAN NEWS have been pulled. I wonder why? OH, I know, they probably got PAID OFF.
    #1 The picture show show a clear violation of the FCC’s distance to compliance rules. NO SMART METER CAN BE INSTALLED IF THE HOMEOWNER CAN GET WITH 8″ OF BOTH RADIO TRANSMITTER IN THE AMI7 SMART METER. Ask your power company for the “CERTIFCATION EXHIBIT” for the smart meter installed on the side of your home. Page 3 shows the DO NOT INSTALL DISTANCE.
    #2 If your power company pulled your old meter out, stopped the current flow to your home, then they have de-certified your UL meter base and broke the law when they installed the new AMI7 smart meter. ANY DAMAGE TO THE METER BASE AND THE HOME ARE NOW THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE POWER COMPANY.

  2. This is the only LEGAL and SAFE method.
    The power CANNOT be broken by pulling the power meter.
    There are only two ways.
    #1 you can turn off the power to the house at the power pole or
    #2 use the only other way, use wire jumpers and BYPASS the power meter.
    AND the homeowners UL approved meter lugs have to be inspected for spring tension and burn marks.
    It up to the power company to tick the box, THE HOMEOWNERS METER BASE IS OK TO USE.
    PULLING THE POWER METER AND NOT DOING ALL OF THESE EXTRA SAFETY METHODS WILL DECERTIFY THE CUSTOMER METER BOX..The power company CANNOT install their new smart meter if the UL approved meter base is decertified.

    The new UL approved meter boxes have the BYPASS handel installed and is only used when the power meter is being changed. Gone are the days when your old meter sat on your home for 50 years, the new smart meters will need changing every 3 to 5 years. That is why the new standard.

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