Pulsed microwaves drive wildlife from NSW World Heritage Park

Pulsed microwaves drive wildlife from NSW World Heritage Park

A meticulous report prepared by Australian botanist Mark Broomhall to UNESCO documents the exodus of species from the Mount Nardi area of the Nightcap National Park World Heritage Site.

Species disappearance over a 15-year period (2000-2015) corresponds with an increasing amount of electromagnetic radiation from the Mount Nardi telecommunications tower complex.

The addition of a further 150 pay television channels and enhanced 3G technology to the tower in 2009 resulted in the exodus of 27 bird species from Mount Nardi while simultaneously, insect volumes and species variety dropped dramatically.  The construction of a new tower in late 2012 and early 2013, which deployed 4G technology, caused the rapid exodus of a further 49 bird species.

Broomhall estimates that “from 70 to 90% of the wildlife has become rare or has disappeared from the Nightcap National Park within a 2-3 km radius of the Mt. Nardi tower complex”.  His data also reveals that:

3 bat species once common have become rare or gone
11 threatened and endangered bird species are gone
11 migratory bird species are gone
86 bird species are demonstrating unnatural behaviours
66 once common bird species are now rare or gone

Broomhall states in his report that “it is evident that pulsed microwaves are particularly toxic”.  He says that this matter “should be considered a National Emergency”.

In the light of these chilling findings, SSMA asks, are there any organisations in Australia prepared to take ownership of this issue?  Or are we all going to sit back and allow the reckless proliferation of manmade electromagnetic frequencies to destroy the genetic heart of our ancient Gondwanaland rainforest?

To read the full report, go to Report for the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization.

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  1. dana says:

    This article will be a really good one to spread around on information sharing websites because it has broad appeal – so many people are interested in wildlife. I’m going to post a link to it on some Facebook pages. Does anyone know how to use Reddiit?. Might be good to post there.

  2. John A Le Roy says:

    All radiation frequencies are harmful to us and all living species and this includes those that are encountered in the normal environment we survive in but due to the chloratin protein (Usually confused with the Epigenetic nonsense) wrapped around our DNA molecules we are shielded from devastating damage emanating from the environment we are normally exposed to. Interrupt this shielding effect by interfering with the coding of the gene responsible for initiating its production by the cell with radiation frequencies outside of the norm which it has not evolved to protect against or particles such as asbestos, cigarette smoke, industrial chemicals or viruses and all hell breaks loose even although it may take 30-40 years because of the nature of the beast. As to those excluding all else but the thrust towards grasping for cash they should be reminded they and their families are not immune to this problem.
    To Robert G Scott RADAR has been with us since the Forties, however it has only survived with the Navy because when it is operating they have learned to shield their personnel by designating exclusion zones when it is operating

  3. Sick Of Their Lies says:

    …and I guess when 5G is eventually rolled out (and it will be of course), an extra line of data Mr Broomhall can add to his documentation will most likely be “100% of human species demonstrating unnatural behaviours, or gone”….and that’s not for the Nightcap National Park World Heritage Site.
    That’s for THE WORLD, full stop

    Something needs to be done to stop this madness.

    Check out Tom Wheeler’s speech regarding 5G, how much money can be made from it’s deployment, and all without the appropriate safety checks, balances, or standards in place. We should all be very alarmed about this.

    Scary and frightening!!

    • dana says:

      I’m glad that they got Tom Wheeler to promote 5G because he comes across like a crack addict/ psychopath. What is with all those aggro facial expressions? I guess many of these industry stooges are just really abnormal people.

  4. Chris says:

    of course, it has no effect on humans right? that’s what the authorities keep telling us we should trust them…

  5. mele host says:

    Pile on top of that mirror solar farms, and wind turbines and you have a burn and blend factor for wildlife.

  6. Robert G Scott says:

    I guess really you are not going to win, mankind likes the convenience of mobile communications and UHF and x band frequencies although only line of sight still achieve the requirements. Remember RADAR is pulsed x band radiation and has been with us since the late 1940’s at these frequencies at considerable power. Too many people are making a lot of money from cell phone usage and the idea behind smart meters transmitting power usage info is so no meter readers have to be trained and employed. It was not ever about helping users and consumers of electrical power to save expenditure. Do you really thing the powers that be really care about killing off wildlife, money as always is the big consideration and these days more than ever.

    • Paul R says:

      How’s all that money gonna help them after they’ve eradicated all life on the planet with this disgusting technology? Who are they going to gloat to, I wonder?

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Mysterious sonic weapon in Cuba may be microwaves

Mysterious sonic weapon in Cuba may be microwaves

In August, American and Canadian diplomats working in Havana reported hearing sounds that were believed to be a mysterious sonic weapon.

Doctors termed the sounds ‘directional acoustic phenomena’, and even noticed brain changes in those hearing it.

While a study by Cuban scientists last week suggested that the sound was produced by crickets, an expert claims that this isn’t the case.

Instead, he says that both the sounds and health effects may be the result of a beam of pulsed microwaves.

In a study in the IEEE Microwave Magazine, Professor James Lin, an expert in Electrical Engineering at the University of Illinois at Chicago, suggests that microwaves produced the sounds.

Professor Lin said: ‘A minuscule but rapid rise in tissue temperature, resulting from the absorption of pulsed microwave energy, creates a thermoelastic expansion of brain matter.’

Professor Lin suggests that the resulting acoustic wave may be perceived as sound.

And the brain tissue damage seen in the diplomats could have been caused by a combination of heating and shock waves.

While Professor Lin is unsure of what kind of device could cause this microwave auditory effect, he says development is ‘always a possibility by some military-related organisations.’

But not everyone is so convinced by Professor Lin’s theory.

Speaking to New Scientist, Professor Kenneth Foster, professor of Bioengineering at the University of Pennsylvania, said: ‘That theory is a real stretch.

‘It would require something like a major airport radar transmitter with the subject’s head close to the antenna in its direct beam. I guess it is possible, but not likely.’

Last week, a report issued by a board of Cuban scientists suggested that crickets are the unlikely culprits of the brain-changing sounds.

While US officials did not provide sound recordings to the scientists, Carlos Barcelo Perez, an environmental physicist at the National Institute of Hygiene, Epidemiology and Microbiology, recorded evening sounds around the residences, according to Science.

The recordings revealed that the biggest noisemakers were insects.

In particular, he found that the Jamaican field cricket chirps at a frequency matching the sound on the recordings, which topped out at 74.6 decibels.

Medical experts discovered changes in the brains of US and Canadian diplomats, which fuelled growing scepticism that some kind of sonic weapon was involved.

Medical testing revealed the embassy workers developed changes to the white matter tracts.

Speaking to DailyMail.com, Dr Joel Moskowitz, a community health professor at the University of California, Berkeley, said: ‘This makes me think the victims may have developed electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) from exposure to electromagnetic fields in the embassy.

‘This happened during the Cold War to personnel stationed in the US embassy in Moscow when the Soviets were bombarding the embassy with microwaves to monitor oral communications in the ambassador’s office.’

Loud, mysterious sounds followed by hearing loss and ear-ringing had led investigators to suspect ‘sonic attacks.’

But the Cuban report suggests that the ‘sonic attacks’ were really just crickets.

Doctors still don’t know how victims ended up with the white matter changes, nor how exactly those changes might relate to their symptoms.

The FBI is now planning its own investigation, to confirm whether or not crickets were causing the sounds.


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