November 4, 2017 – 4:00am
 November 4, 2017 – 4:00am

Are smart meters safe?

The recent news article and supporting editorial about Nova Scotia Power’s application to install smart meters are misleading. Not only are there still concerns regarding the safety of these devices and the economics (they do not save money!), but also there is a question of their health impacts.

Mounting evidence is showing that deployment of these meters increases exposure to non-ionizing radiation which the World Health Organization has classified as a Class 2 carcinogen. Scientific studies have demonstrated physiological and behavioural impacts along with genetic and cellular disruption that, with chronic exposure, could result in cancer.

Despite Health Canada’s claims that there is no conclusive evidence and hence no need for better standards than the current one based on tissue heating, which is not an issue with smart meters, it must be recognized that standards are developed with industry input and only reflect what industry says is possible.

The increased EMF output these devices will cause in already heavily polluted radiation environments should be cause for concern. While it may not be possible to thwart this flawed initiative, the good news is that those of us opposed apparently will be allowed to opt out and stay with our current meters.

I suggest everyone take the opportunity to research this issue thoroughly and let NSP and the Utility and Review Board know your concerns, as I doubt there is “overwhelming” desire for this technology to be deployed.

Fred Gilbert, Bridgewate



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