UK-Centrica exposes smart energy meters as dumb

Centrica exposes smart energy meters as dumb

The government’s £11 billion plan envisages every UK household being offered smart meters by 2020


The “smart” energy meters due to be installed in every UK home are in fact “pretty dumb”, a senior executive at Centrica has said, suggesting a new type of meter that can monitor individual household appliances and identify problems should be rolled out instead.

Charles Cameron, the British Gas owner’s director of technology, said it was trialling “super smart” meters in Cornwall and they could be ready to deploy more widely in six months.

The sophisticated meters, made by Green Running, could identify the electrical usage of each household appliance, helping to optimise their power usage and even flagging faults, he said. “It’s looking at unusual spikes in your washing machine to say, ‘this device has a problem, it needs to be serviced’.”



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