Letter: Worried about smart meters? How to opt out


Letter: Worried about smart meters? How to opt out

Published: Friday, April 14, 2017 2:46 p.m. CDT • Updated: Friday, April 14, 2017 2:48 p.m. CDT

I feel it is important that everyone is aware that a temporary opt-out of the smart meters that are in the process of being installed by Com Ed in our community is available.

My family has serious reservations about them and feels the risks far outweigh the benefits. We are not comfortable with a smart meter on our home, especially without our consent. Therefore, we chose to defer installation.

To do so, one simply needs to call ComEd and request a deferral. In other states, there is permanent opt-out, but Illinois only allows it until 2022.

There is a monthly fee to keep your old meter. Some say this is not legal; others say energy bills have risen with smart meters, so the fee is worth it.

Our opinion is that there are too many red flags regarding smart meters, beginning with the negative health consequences being reported by thousands due to the constant transmission of electromagnetic frequencies (EMF). Radiation.

Even if you do not have apparent electro hypersensitivity, studies have shown that EMF causes significant changes in your blood, such as RBC clumping and misshapen cells. These blood morphologies frequently appear in those suffering from illness or poor diet.

The safety and efficiency of smart meters are being questioned across the nation and worldwide. Some concerns expressed other than health issues are the incidence of serious fires, violation of our right to privacy, and a stronger potential for cyber attacks.

It may be an understatement that corporate profit is the driving force and bottom line here.

If you would like to decide for yourself, I would encourage deferring installation and researching further. The amount of information, including published science, seems endless, but here’s a start:




A must-see video is:



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