Dave Stetzer provides testimony to the Michigan Attorney General

Dave Stetzer provides testimony to the Michigan Attorney General

Abstract: Dave Stetzer provides testimony to the Michigan Attorney General on the matter of Consumers Energy Company. Mr. Stetzer describes the electrical readings he has taken at dairy farms in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan, where he detected dirty power and objectionable ground currents. He explains the cause of and solution for dirty power (harmonics, transients, voltage sags and swells) and objectionable ground currents. He explains the biological effects of these ground currents on livestock and the dairy business at large as well as the apparent coverup by the utilities.
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People co-exist in this exact same environment (with electrical pollution and poisoning).
The utilities and their representatives routinely twist the facts and dispense half-truths. They hide behind technical jargon. The training and instruments used by many utility employees responsible for stray voltage investigations are outdated. Moreover, utility employees who do discern the truth are threatened and demoted.
In addition to suffering, dairy farmers also fall prey to self-professed stray voltage consultants who sell expensive and ineffective mitigation devices. These devices include the ring of life, which supposedly prevents ground currents from entering by encircling the farm with buried wire, isolation transformers and electronic grounding systems. These products are marketed with no government oversight whatsoever regarding their safety and effectiveness. Utilities often seem to work in concert with these consultants, who often give dangerous advice, such as to sever grounds. Farmers spend tens of thousands of dollars on these measures, to no avail.
I am appalled and sickened by what I have witnessed. The lives of decent, honest people have been ruined by the utilities. The influence of utilities has corrupted research and distorted the truth. The actions of utilities are an affront to basic decency and morality, and, indeed, to democracy itself. Seemingly, nothing stands in the way of their economic power. I hope and pray that someone from these utilities will have the integrity to step forward and expose the truth.
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