Smart meter drive should prompt caution


Smart meter drive should prompt caution
POSTED: 04/09/2017 07:42:09 PM MDT smart meter drive should prompt caution Smart meter drive should prompt caution

On Oct. 27, 2016, Loveland Utilities Commission and Fort Collins Energy Board held a special joint meeting. In that meeting something was mentioned in their discussion topic called “Utilize Existing and New Technology” that is very important concerning Loveland residents and that is a key account pilot program using smart meters.

Fort Collins has already saturated its residents with these dangerous and privacy invasive meters. The “Bingo” word for these meters is energy efficiency, which they are not, as Fort Collins resident saw massive increases in their utility bills. Fire safety is another major issue with these meters causing house fire across America and Canada. If your home’s electrical wiring system is older than 2002 it is not efficient for these meters. Please view the link: If businesses in Loveland are the guinea pigs in this new smart meter pilot program you can bet all private residences will soon follow.

Loveland, demand to keep your perfectly working and safe analog utility meters. Please go to the website “Refuse Smart” for further review.

Larry Wallace



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