AZ-CITIZENS FIGHTING UTILITY OVER Illegal Fees for Refusing So Called Smart Meters

Action Alert – APS Rate Case Public Comment Meeting at the ACC
Information & Opinion by Warren Woodward
Sedona, Arizona ~ March 19, 2017
This Wednesday, March 22, at 10 a.m., 1200 West Washington Street in Phoenix, the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) will be holding an Open Meeting for Public Comment on the APS rate case. The official notice is here:

I strongly encourage anyone and everyone who does not want an extortion fee for refusing a “smart” meter to go and say so.

Those of you who have spoken at the ACC previously need to know that, with the exception of commissioner Burns, this is an all-new commission since the last “smart” meter related ACC meeting in December of 2014. So the newbie commissioners need to hear from you.

Those of you who have told your stories of “smart” meter related ill health to previous commissioners need to go and retell your stories. And remember, the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) did not find “smart” meters safe. ADHS found “smart” meters “not likely to harm.” There’s a big difference since “not likely to harm” allows for the possibility of harm. Paying to avoid that harm or threat of harm is extortion.

Also, the ADHS found that “smart” meters transmit within FCC guidelines. All that means is that “smart” meter microwave transmissions won’t shock or burn you. But no one has ever complained of those two symptoms!

Those of you who don’t want to have to pay to avoid surveillance, the threat of a house fire or any of the other “smart” meter hazards need to go to the meeting and say so.

Remember, this is what APS — and the ACC Staff — want for those of us who have refused “smart” meters:

  • Commercial account holders no longer able to refuse a “smart” meter.
  • Solar account holders no longer able to refuse a “smart” meter.
  • No more analog meters for customers who refuse, only non-transmitting digital meters.
  • A $5 a month charge for meter reading, and a $50 set-up fee for new refusals, even though customers who refuse “smart” meters are already subsidizing the financially unsustainable “smart” meters that they don’t need or want.

I suggest you speak from prepared comments that you have timed to last 3 minutes, but I can’t write your speech for you. If you don’t know what to say, take a look through my filed testimony (here: ) and pick something out to talk about. Feel free to quote me or just plagiarize; I don’t own the English language.

Another idea would be to go to and pick out one of the very well researched articles on which to base your 3 minutes. Put a topic in the website’s search feature and see what comes up. K.T. Weaver, who writes the articles, is a health physicist who was employed in the nuclear division of a leading electric utility for over 25 years. K.T. has earned a B.S. in
Engineering Physics and an M.S. in Nuclear Engineering with a specialty in radiation protection.

This rate case may well be the culmination of the Arizona “smart” meter battle that’s been waged since the first ACC “smart” meter meeting back in 2011. Don’t be Missing In Action.

For those of you in Yavapai County, I am told there will be another APS rate case ACC Open Meeting for Public Comment held in Clarkdale on March 29 so that people don’t have to drive to Phoenix. But the date and location are tentative as of this writing. I will let everyone know when the date and location are firmed up.

Lastly, thanks to everyone who emailed, the City of Sedona will not be signing the rate case Settlement Agreement. However, according to the City’s press release, “the city will retain the option to submit comment to the Arizona Corporation Commission about the case before the commission’s April 3 deadline for direct testimony to be filed in support of, or opposition to, the settlement.” To that end, the City will be holding its own public comment meeting currently scheduled also for March 29 at 3 p.m. in the Sedona City Council chambers at 102 Roadrunner Dr., Sedona. Sedonans will not want to miss that one.

Since the Sedona date conflicts with the meeting the ACC wants to have in Clarkdale, either meeting date may be changed. I will keep you posted when I find out.

If the two meetings end up at the same time, I’ll probably pick the Sedona one over the ACC one since I think it’s very important how the City represents us, and I will have been to the ACC meeting this Wednesday anyway.

PS – The “smart” meter boondoggle is a major reason why there’s an APS rate increase being proposed. Rate increases happen everywhere “smart” meters get installed. Why? Because contrary to industry hype, “smart” meters do not provide enough operational savings to offset their huge costs, and utilities such as APS get a guaranteed return on what they spend. Don’t you wish you could get paid to waste money? I will be speaking to the commissioners on that topic this Wednesday and provide the dollar amounts I have uncovered.


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