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A What ill health may I suffer from wireless Smart Meters?

1 B What ill health have other people suffered from wireless Smart Meters? \

2 C How can I protect myself and others from wireless Smart Meters?

3 D What radiation do wireless Smart Meters emit?

4 E Why are “non-thermal” and “heating” limits so different?

6 F Do people with Electro-sensitivity have any human rights as regards wireless Smart Meters?

7 G Where can I find out more about Electro-sensitivity and wireless Smart Meters?

A What ill health may I suffer from wireless Smart Meters? What are the short-term symptoms from wireless Smart Meters? Symptoms from the radiation emitted by wireless Smart Meters are: headaches, dizziness, short-term memory loss, a fuzzy head, irritability, itchiness, aches, sleep disturbance, digestive problems, heart-rate changes, and many more. Both children and adults can suffer. How many people are likely to be ill from wireless Smart Meters? People’s exposure to wireless Smart Meter radiation varies considerably between properties. Therefore the number of people affected by short-term symptoms will also vary according to individual conditions. Surveys suggest that about 30% of the population are slightly allergic to radio exposure, usually without knowing it, 3% moderately, and under 1% severely. What are the long-term health problems from wireless Smart Meters? Long-term or high-level exposure to similar radiation is linked with cancers and neurological diseases. UK wireless Smart Meter trials began in 2009 so there are no long-term studies yet. How do wireless Smart Meters cause ill health? Electromagnetic radiation can affect the autonomic nervous system, protein expression and the thyroid. Mechanisms include calcium efflux at ion cyclotron resonance on cell membranes, reduced melatonin, mast cell degranulation, free radicals, DNA effects, biogenic magnetite, cryptochromes and metal implants. Some genetic variants are more sensitive to EM radiation. How can I find out about the safety of radiation from wireless Smart Meters? In 2011 the World Health Organisation’s IARC classified wireless Smart Meters radiation as a 2B possible carcinogen. The Nordic Council of Ministers categories “El-allergy” as IDI-10-R68. B What ill health have other people suffered from wireless Smart Meters? Examples of people in north America made ill by a wireless Smart Meter:

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