MI-‘Carcinogenic’ among words used to describe smart meters

SPEAK OUT: ‘Carcinogenic’ among words used to describe smart meters; thank you to ‘O’ blood donors; and other thoughts voiced from readers

Thank you to blood donors

I am calling to say thank you to all the “O” blood type donors for your generosity over the years. This past fall, my father was diagnosed with leukemia and required almost a dozen blood transfusions since then, all of them from “O-positive” people. Thank you so much. You are a rare gem.

— Shelby Township

Michigan teams can’t get it together

Well, it’s no surprise to me. The Michigan teams just can’t close the deal. The Lions, the college teams, the basketball teams, the hockey teams. They just can’t close the deal here in Michigan. Tigers another one. I don’t know what’s wrong with our Michigan teams. They just can’t seem to get it together. Good reason why I don’t watch them. Waste of time being a fan of any Michigan team. Have a great day all you sports fans, or losers I should say. Bye-bye.

— Sterling Heights

People who believe smart meters are harmful are doing their own thinking

This is in response to the lady who seems to think that the people that think smart meters harm people are uneducated. You know, you’re their living lab rat, lady. You’ll be the proof one way or another. In 20 years, let me know how you fair from that test. I’ll just pay to keep it shut off on my home. I didn’t want it anyhow. Why don’t you read the California (Prevention publication), or how about those doctors from prestigious universities who use words like “harmful,” “questionable,” oh oh, and that big one: “carcinogenic!” Hmmm. Is that person educated enough for you? Oh and I forgot, you work for DTE, don’t you? Good luck! You may need it. I’m not uneducated, but then I’m not brainwashed either. I’m inquisitive, and I do my own damn thinking. Thank you.

— Sterling Heights



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