Understanding why the Noise Pollution is a Constant Presence in our Environment

When explaining why the noise pollution never stops, NOT EVEN DURING MAJOR POWER OUTAGES is due to the fact that the power lines are not just delivering electricity in one direction to customers since the  “TURN ON” of power line carrier technology the power lines are another layer that is being used as a communication network to manage the so called “smart” grid.  This technology is the source of the constant noise pollution.  The insidious electro magnetic acoustic radiation vibrating in our air outside as well as simultaneously riding on the power line cables and on our house wiring exposing us to radiation, noise and dirty electricity 24 fucking hours a day with no way to escape this pollution.

For those who hear this; it is pure and utter torture.  It has transformed our bedrooms into a house of horror for peaceful sleep has been stolen from us.  The room acoustically is filled with electromagnetic frequencies that sounds like a blasting siren and noise filled industrial complex.  This should not be tolerated by any one or any living creature.

It has been 11 years for me, living like a prisoner of this constant acoustic torture.  Those who suffer are victimized again when they try to seek help in stopping the noise.  Majority not equipped mentally, emotionally or financially to seek the justice necessary.  Sadly, those who have the expertise and or authority don’t have the personal character or morality to do the right thing.  For some reason either head in the sand or they just don’t understand the scope of this issue and how it impacts all of us.  If not for you, your kids! We cannot afford to dumb down any further.  We have hit our bottom and Trump being elected is evident that we are in deep shit……Sandaura





Smart, self-configuring, fully adaptable networks that connect the power producer with the consumer represent the essence of smart grids. Smart grids create a platform of robust data networks that enable bidirectional exchange of data for all kinds of power supplies and electrical devices plugged into the power grid. This enables remote and active monitoring of operation and fault conditions of the electricity network, thereby delivering the benefits of a highly efficient power network that automatically regulates and controls the distribution and consumption of electricity—without failures or outages

What’s the Difference Between PLC and RF for Smart-Meter Backhaul?

Despite their disparities, both technologies can be used in a complementary fashion to solve obstruction, interference, and attenuation issues.

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