You have the power to help those suffering from electromagnetic hypersensitivity!

You have the power to help those suffering from electromagnetic hypersensitivity!
Aliaa Soliman, is in her early 30’s and takes care of her two children. She regularly woke up at 1:00 a.m. for no reason and couldn’t return to sleep. She suffered from insomnia, headaches, and heart palpitations. After contacting and following recommendations from the Center for Safer Wireless (CSW), these symptoms diminished. She was able to live her life without suffering.
When Aliaa went home to Egypt, her sister mentioned that her arm was hurting. Aliaa recommended turning off her wireless router at night. Thankfully, the pain in her sister’s arm went away with this simple action.
The Center for Safer Wireless continuously helps families like Aliaa’s who  are unknowingly experiencing symptoms from exposure to wireless radiation.
With your donation, you can help us improve the lives of families like Ilia’s by taking simple actions and precautions.
We continue to educate the public, Congress and federal agencies about the health effects of wireless education. Our Executive Director recently testified at the Federal Communications Commission Disability Advisory Committee meeting on December 6, 2016.  During the open forum session, we implored the Commission to recognize the harm to the public because of the proliferation of wireless radiation.  We stressed that there is a segment of the population who are so sensitive to wireless radiation that it is wreaking havoc on their lives.  They are becoming prisoners in their own wired homes because going out in public is so painful to them.
We hear from many people who are so thankful for the information we give them not only because it has improved their health but because they protect the rest of their family from the harm that wireless radiation can cause.
Thank you for being part of our community.  Through your donation you will support our advocacy and service to many more families in 2017!
Have a safe and happy holiday season!
Warm Regards,
Desiree Jaworski
Executive Director
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If you prefer you can send a check made out to the Center for Safer Wireless and mail it to Center for Safer Wireless, P.O. Box 166, Haymarket, VA  20168


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