Public Can’t Afford to Ignore the Connection From Past to Today’s Killer Microwave Soup We Live in Today…

The Competence Initiative has released another brochure in English.
Karl Hecht: Health Implications of Long-term Exposure to Electrosmog
(English edition 2016)

*”The review findings by Hecht—which disappeared into the government
archives as soon as they had been submitted and which we are now making
available to the public in this brochure in its most comprehensive form to
date—are based on the assessment of 878 Russian studies between 1960 and
1997. To pretend as if there were no connection between microwave
technologies from the past and those from today is like burying one’s head
in the sand. This tactic is well illustrated by the current politics
regarding radar victims and the increasing group of persons with
electromagnetic hypersensitivity.”*

Additional resources:
English brochures:

All the best,

Katharina Gustavs


Forty years ago, physicians and scientists pressured the U.S. government to issue a report on the effects of electromagnetic fields [Brodeur 1977]. In December 1971, this report was released under the title Program for Control of Electromagnetic Pollution of the Environment. The report was written by experts appointed by the U.S. Office of Telecommunications Policy (OTP) in 1968. This expert report revealed the extent of an environmental risk associated with the increasing use of microwaves in technical communication technologies and in the industry that has hardly been known before. A few quotes from the report will speak for themselves:


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