Filing HUD complaints as a way to secure relief from Smart Meters and secure legal protection of our disabled rights

From Nina Beety, California

Filing HUD complaints as a way to secure relief from Smart Meters and secure legal protection of our disabled rights 

December 2016 release

At this moment, those of us who are disabled and made ill by EMF and RF emissions are ignored despite our reasonable attempts to get relief. Our civil rights have been disappeared.

We can change this situation by filing complaints that create a civil rights footprint.

The HUD complaint process creates an enforcement and education mechanism for accessing our civil rights as well as making visible our disability in the public record. The attached template explains this path.

The Americans with Disabilities Act already protects us from the unlawful acts being committed against us by utility companies. Furthermore, the Federal Access Board recognized our class of disability in 2002, commissioning a 97-page report, released in 2005, with recommendations for accommodating people with disabling electromagnetic sensitivities (EMS).

However, enforcement has not been happening, and ignorance of the law is widespread even in federal agencies. It is up to us to educate agencies and make change for ourselves.

Using this process we describe here, a first case was settled in favor of the disabled person against the utility company. Six people then duplicated this path, and as a result, all of these six complaints are now in the federal investigation process with formal HUD complaint letters sent to utility companies.

As a result, we now want to show HUD that we are the fastest growing un-represented disabled class in America and to make our presence known at each of the ten regional HUD offices. That means as many of us as possible must file complaints with HUD and complete this process.

This action is especially urgent because of possible budget cuts to federal agencies in the near future. It is important to get complaints into the system now.

Please join us in this action to create change.


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