We are In Deep Do Do with Trump…

We are Living In a Banana Republic.  We have, soon, the President elect (throw up in my mouth) ,who is mentally unfit, to run the greatest Country in the World taking office.  He will enrage those, even more, who were looking  to drain the swamp.  His cabinet will be a reflection of doing the complete opposition of what he promised during the campaign.

The prophesies of the movie “Idiocracy” is now being actually lived out in real time. We are all living in a really bad reality TV show.  We will maybe, have four years of this idiot, with the emotional intelligence of an adolescent tweeting and spewing lie after lie out of his ugly mouth.

This is not the spiritual cleanse we so desperately need to change the culture of thinking in Washington.  It goes much deeper than a bunch of lobby bought suits holding office.  This goes to the heart of our collective population, of which 43% did not participate in the voting of one of the most important elections of our lives!  Yet, Hillary won the popular vote.  We need to abolish the electoral college, but that does not excuse the fact that people didn’t show up.  Where were the millennials?  Do they not realize that instead of our country moving forward, we will regress  50 years with relying on the Trump’s Judgment?  Yes, I am with those disgusted and angered by how the middle class has dwindled down and has not reaped their due piece of the pie, but the messenger is not Donald Trump.

I predict that Trump will not go full term or will because of his conflict of interests.  This will take up most of his and our time while  in office.  His latest rant is incarcerating or taking away citizenship of a person expressing their right of free speech and expression.  He is going to piss off so many groups and leaders around the world that we will earn the “Banana Republic” label.  The idea that a dictator is now and soon to be our leader will be a daily reminder when we lose our standing in the world as being a stable country.

He does not possess the intelligence, class or dignity required to hold the highest office in the world.  There has been a coup de tat.  It is not a democracy when the person who got the most votes in the election came in second!!

I don’t think the Russians influenced the voting.  I think, for many, the Pulsed radio frequencies that are signature 8Hz and the microwave pulsed bio active frequencies we are exposed to 24 hours a day via the so called smart grid  is compromising the ability to think rationally.

I think it is also funny that everyone is tying to figure out why Trump does what he does.  It will be an obsession for the media the next four years.  You cannot rationalize the behavior of someone who is mentally ill until you figure out that that person IS mentally ill!……Sandaura








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