The Unspoken Impacts of Smart Meters. Microwave Technologies RFs/EMFs “Harm Human Health”

The Unspoken Impacts of Smart Meters. Microwave Technologies RFs/EMFs “Harm Human Health”

Case Testimony Before The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission: What No One Wants To Acknowledge About EMF Damage

Global Research, November 06, 2016
Activist Post 5 November 2016


 This is the continuation of the testimony I will present before the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission’s Administrative Law Court November 2 and 3, 2016.

A very similar scheme, I offer, currently is being used and foisted upon customers and consumers by vested interests and even the PA PUC I may add, which depend upon fifty-year-old or more, radar science heat-producing (thermal) studies to prove that microwave technologies RFs/EMFs do not harm human health, while specifically totally disregarding and discrediting scientifically documented Non-thermal health effects in order to cash in on federal grant monies that promote what’s being called “The Internet of Things” or the “Grid.”

Moreover, the U.S. military document in Exhibit L indicates that RF/EMF microwave safety is not cost effective and, therefore, always has been avoided and deliberately not pursued further.  That deliberate fact needs to be prosecuted as crimes of conspiracy, collusion and racketeering to maintain specific military vested interests, which have impacted industry, including controlling a one-sided inaccurate assessment of science and technology, detrimental to human health and the environment.

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