Engineers Aware of Noise Pollution on So Called Smart Grid

This issue is no secret among the engineers who understand the negatives of using the power lines other than its sole function of delivering electricity to customers.  The two way communication known as Power line carrier technology (PLC) or Broadband over the power lines has always proven to be problematic with no resolve trying to use unshielded  electric power lines for communication.  I personally am living in hell for 10 years in my own home because of the noise pollution from this harmful technology assaulting assaulting us 24/7.  The pulsed RF signals are bio-active; disrupting brain waves causing insomnia, sleep deprivation and a myriad of negative symptoms compromising those who are trying to maintain or heal from an illness.  Exposure to this constant dose of noise pollution and non ionizing radiation is putting everyone at risk….Sandaura


Strong noise interference:  Electrical equipment on the power grid, such as switched-mode power supplies and inverters, can produce significant amounts of interference on multiple frequencies that vary randomly.

What’s the Difference Between PLC and RF for Smart-Meter Backhaul?

Despite their disparities, both technologies can be used in a complementary fashion to solve obstruction, interference, and attenuation issues.

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