CHICAGO-Elementary School Radiation (Microwave) Readings

Published on Aug 1, 2016


Video showing comparison between a cellphone, Kellogg Elementary School (Beverly Chicago), Clissold Elementary School (Beverly Chicago), Mt. Greenwood Elementary School, and Sutherland Elementary School (Beverly Chicago).

Note that Mt. Greenwood and Sutherland (both have 2 cell towers) register RF radiation levels (also referred to EMF and Microwave radiation) magnitude higher than a cellphone and that Kellogg and Clissold (0 cell towers) barely register.

At these levels our children will be exposed to more cell phone radiation than what cancer researchers refer to as ‘heavy lifetime’ cellphone use in their first 2 years of elementary school.

Formulate your own opinions but know that since the Chicago Public School system took all but 1/3 of the revenue for these towers our kids are being exposed at a near industrial level for 9 years for less than $40 per student per year.

This goes hand in hand with Chicago Public Schools dropping the ball on lead testing, asbestos, infestation, violence, pension holiday, the overall privatization of our schools, and perpetual budget crisis.

If celltowers at our schools concerns you contact:

Catherine Mary Reidy (Mt. Greenwood Principal) : (773) 535-2786
Eric Steinmiller (Principal Sutherland) : (773) 535-2580
Matt O’Shea 19th ward : (773) 238-8766
Mr. Ali – Chief of Schools Network 10 : (773) 535-2600
Your school’s LSC
Chicago Public Schools – CPS
Bruce Rauner (312) 814-2121
Rahm Emanuel (312) 744-3334
Forrest Claypool 773-553-1000


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