Customers can opt out of the new meter, but must pay $69.39 up front and an additional $9.72 a month. Consumers will notify customers with a postcard, letter, phone call and knock on the door.

Consumers Energy may install smart meter at your house sooner than expected

JACKSON, MI – The second round of smart meter installation around Jackson County was supposed to begin in December. Now, because Consumers Energy is ahead of schedule, all gas and electric meters should be in place by the end of the year.

Smart meters come with a communication chip, allowing customers to track their energy use down to the hour. The digital meter also tells Consumers Energy when the power is out. The $750 million project is expected to save $1.8 billion.

The first batch of installations in the county was in Parma and Concord in August. The second and final round of installations has already begun.

“Offering our customers a payment option that fits their schedule is just one way we’re striving to find new and innovative ways to provide value to our customers,” said Garrick Rochow, Consumers Energy’s senior vice president of distribution and customer operations, in a press release.



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