Who to Vote for ACC
Information & Perspective by Warren Woodward
Sedona, Arizona ~ October XX, 2016
People are asking me which candidates to vote for in the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) election. 

Don Brandt, the APS CEO who makes a million dollars a month to run a business with no competition, has endorsed the three Republican candidates, Boyd Dunn, Andy Tobin and Bob Burns. (News report: )

APS itself has recently admitted it is spending one million dollars to get those three Republican candidates elected. Isn’t it amazing that a regulated monopoly is allowed to influence the election of its regulators? (News report, with some sarcastic opinion thrown in: )

 Not voting for the candidates that APS bankrolls and that Don Brandt favors is what I recommend.

ACC Republican candidate Boyd Dunn has tried to present himself as some kind of superlatively honest and upright guy because he used to be a judge. Well he also used to be Chandler’s mayor and took advantage of that position to buy himself a $32,000 car with taxpayers’ money. Read about that here:

Perennial politician and ACC Republican candidate Andy Tobin had not one but two illegal conflicts of interest against him when he was appointed to the ACC to replace the disgraced Susan Smith but, instead of resigning his appointment, he got his buddies at the state legislature to pass HB2123 which made his conflicts disappear.

Perennial politician and ACC Republican candidate Bob Burns wants to give APS control of your thermostat. Really! Watch his totally elitist, control freak insanity here (it’s only about a minute and remember, APS keeps their building in Phoenix at what seems like freezing so that when it’s 100°+ out they can still wear their business suits):

Unless you love APS, its multi-millionaire boss Don Brandt, and want them both to have more of your money (as well as your thermostat) do not vote for any of the Republicans in the ACC race! 

You get to vote for “not more than three” of the candidates running, but there are only two worth voting for, Democrats Tom Chabin and Bill Mundell. So I will be voting for only two people, Chabin & Mundell, even though I could vote for three.

APS’s rate case — in which APS wants 8% more money from everyone, mandatory “demand” charges, mandatory Time Of Use rates, and extortion fees from customers who refuse “smart” meters — will be decided by who we elect this November. So voting for candidates that APS wants elected makes absolutely no sense. 

Full disclosure: I am registered Republican, but it takes more than (R) after someone’s name for me to vote for them. I urge my fellow Republicans to get over voting party line and make an exception for Democrats Chabin & Mundell in the ACC race.


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