Electrical Engineer Blows the Whistle on MPSC

Electrical Engineer Blows the Whistle on MPSC

Sedona AZ (October 22, 2016) – The following is a letter to the SedonaEye.com editor:

Hey SedonaEye.com,

smart metersMichigan electrical engineer William Bathgate is one of an increasing number of tradespeople speaking out about the “smart” meter debacle.

Last week, Stop Smart Meters Michigan posted Bathgate’s poignant analysis originally written to the MPSC (the Michigan commission). And I agree with Brian Thiesen — this is the best technical yet plain english article on the meters out there. See the article here.

In Michigan, legislation has actually been proposed to officially LEGALIZE shutting off the electricity of anyone who wants to preserve their Constitutional privacy rights, their property, and the health of their family — by keeping their safe analog meter.

And, get this, the Orwellian double-speak artists are attempting to label a safe analog meter as constituting a “hazardous condition.”

As Bathgate writes:

“Forcing 100% compliance to AMI metering is not the solution; this will only lead to big legal troubles for the MPSC as a whole and direct legal liability to all individual MPSC members…

“If the MPSC approves these rule changes, then the MPSC should disband because your role in governance is of no value, merit or benefit to the citizens of the State of Michigan who are paying your salaries. You would have abrogated your governance role to the utilities to do as they see fit for their own exclusive benefit and no one else.”

The good news is that right now, people are waking up and seeing through the lies of the power structure at the highest levels… utility scams included. Can you feel it?

See this superb article: The Meter Itself is the ‘Hazardous Condition’

Josh del Sol

Take Back Your Power
14241 NE Woodinville-Duvall Rd #339
Woodinville, WA [98072]


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