Nerve Disrupting Frequencies Radiating from “Smart” Meters

I have posted this video already, but it is so important, so for those who may have missed it that it, I have posted it again.

In 2009 we performed a power quality test using a Dranetz.  Its capabilities exceed the Fluke oscilloscope used in this video.  So, the good news is the Fluke used served its purpose to prove the dirty electricity is directly related to the magnetic and electric as well as broadcast microwave transmissions riding on the wires.  It radiates 6 to 8 feet into your rooms of your homes.  The symptoms thousands of victims have been vocalizing is a direct result of the dirty electricity the utilities are sending to its customers.

This is forensic evidence that cannot be dismissed or denied by the utilities.  In our case in Massachusetts it prompted a multi-regulatory agency (bogus) initiative as a result of us sending our power quality results to them.  The utilities and the agencies never addressed our power quality issues.  They never explained what the utility, National Grid, would do to correct their non compliance and violations of standards  set by the IEEE and was revealed by the Dranetz power quality monitoring.  Instead, they closed our case without addressing these issues along with the pure tone noise evidence.  Their cryptic message to us was take us to court.  We are not doing anything about this mess; unless we are forced to.  Until then we don’t have to do anything.  The public records are the paper trail and this also proves they have willingly and intentional refused to do their jobs.  They have knowingly and willfully refused and continue to do so in protecting the public from a devastating wide spread health hazard…..Sandaura


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