ALBANY, NY PROTEST -Albany against digital electronic utility meters 10/18/2016

Protest Details:

On Tuesday, October 18, from 10 am to 2 pm, Stop Smart Meters Woodstock NY and Stop Smart Meters NY will be hosting a rally in Albany against digital electronic utility meters. Although electronic meters must be recalled, the organizers are calling upon the New York State Public Service Commission (NYSPSC) to allow consumers the right to retain analog meters without penalties and fees.

The rally will take place in Albany’s West Capitol Park. This is bordered by Swan, State and Washington Streets in Albany, NY. All those who share our concerns are encouraged to join us in the demonstration.

Also, there are many parking lots, but the closest is V-Lot (P-3 North). This is located beneath the Empire State Plaza and may be accessed via the I-787 Empire State Plaza exit. Visitors are required to show photo identification upon entry and all vehicles are subject to search by the State Police. Parking fees are $10.

Update on “Smart” Meters in NY:

In June of 2015 Stop Smart Meters Woodstock presented a petition with 1,000 signatures to the Town of Woodstock. The town passed a memorializing resolution against digital utility meters and in favor of analog meters. This was filed with the NYSPSC, and in March 2016 the NYSPSC opened a proceeding entitled “Option to Opt-Out of Using an Electro-Mechanical Meter, at No Additional Charge. So far the Ulster County and Dutchess County legislatures have passed bills against smart meters. In addition, the City of Kingston and the Towns of Gardiner and Olive have passed similar bills. The NYSPSC has not ruled on this yet.

Now is the time for all New Yorkers to speak out – let the NYSPSC know that we must have the right to choose the safest meter – an analog meter.

All information pertaining to this case can be found at PSC proceeding # 14-M-0196SP3:

Electronic utility meters release non-ionizing radiation—a known carcinogen—into people’s living spaces and throughout neighborhoods. Further, they are known to cause fires, electrical problems and they may explode. Electronic meters are a privacy threat and they can be hacked.

Stop Smart Meters NY was founded in 2010 and Stop Smart Meters Woodstock NY was founded in 2013. Since their founding these organizations have been raising awareness on the health, fire, privacy and safety threats of smart meters.




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