Punch and James: Wind Turbine Noise and Human Health: A Four-Decade History of Evidence that Wind Turbines Pose Risks 2

New Study just released:

We, the hearers, who suffer Smart Grid noise syndrome, share similar symptoms with wind turbine syndrome sufferers.   Both technologies are dangerous and pose a public health hazard.

Thank you, Mr. James and Mr. Punch for  your  groundbreaking scientific study on Wind Turbine Noise and Human Health

I hope this will be a turning point for more studies and serious dialogues that bring to the light the serious implications of this pollution and how the daily impact of low frequency noise pollution is impacting the public…..Sandaura


Friends and Colleagues,

Our new literature review is now available at the Journal of Hearing Health and Technology Matters web site. Click the link below or on the graphic to go to the web site.

We provide the background on our paper in a sidebar that is available at:


This will also link to the Journal page with our full paper.

For those who wish to forward the news to others, please give people the link below instead of the paper.


Jerry Punch

Rick James

October 4, 2016



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