Smart Meter Injury Testimonials

Smart Meter Injury Testimonials

California residents return smart meters en masse to the utility in an early action coordinated by

If you ever think to yourself, “oh maybe it’s not that bad- maybe people are exaggerating the health threat posed by smart meters…” read this document(pdf) and print it out for your family.

The document contains Stop Smart Meters! official testimony that we submitted as part of the Maine Supreme Court case. It includes dozens of firsthand testimonials from people who were injured primarily by PG&E “Smart” Meters.  We’ve also submitted similar testimony in proceedings in the United Kingdom and recently, in New Mexico.

We’ve permanently linked the document at the top of the “Don’t Miss” menu on the right side of our site, so you can easily find it. To watch a video of the ladies above, and others speaking about the serious health impacts that led them to take direct action and have the meters removed from their properties, click here. Links to peer-reviewed science that backs up the thousands of these testimonials can be found on our Science Page.

The Evidence is in.  It’s Time to Act.


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