Retired Mechanical Engineer Thinks ‘Smart Meters’ Are Downright Dangerous to His Family

Retired Mechanical Engineer Thinks ‘Smart Meters’ Are Downright Dangerous to His Family

By Nicole Higman

7 hours ago

Norbert Sliwinski has put his utility meter under lock and key so the utility company can’t change it out for a “smart meter,” which is a digital utility meter that electronically sends readings back to utility companies.

Sliwinski tells KDKA that he has several concerns about the safety of the item and how it will affect his family:

It emits high frequency radio waves. You don’t feel them. You don’t know about them, but they can penetrate your body and they can cause health problems later on.”

Not only that, he is fearful that it could catch on fire due to its high voltage.

Sliwinski’s fears are not unfounded— smart meters have been the subject of contention concerning various safety and financial problems they have caused since utility companies started using them.

  • Explosions: According to the EMF Safety Network, numerous explosions have been reported.
  • High utility bills: Astronomical price increases on utility bills have been reported after the installation of a smart meter.
  • Radiation sickness: Smart meters emit the same wireless or microwave waves of radiation as cell phones, also known as RF radiation. There is much debate over how much it affects a person, but many people contest that the fatigue, dizziness, headaches, insomnia to name a few are realities of a smart meter being installed.
  • Invasion of privacy: According to Wall Street Daily, smart meters can report how much of your utilities you are using, but it also record exactly when you are using them.

The California Public Utilities Commission, however, points out smart meters offer benefits such as helping the environment by reducing the need to build power plants, increases the privacy of the customer by eliminating on-site meter reading, empowers the customer to know exactly how they are using their electricity, and allows for faster power outage fixes.

Watch the video above to learn more about Sliwinski’s fight for the right to have an opt out clause when it comes to smart meters.


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