Smart Meter Updates, Fires and Health and more….

Smart Meter Updates, Fires and Health

1.  Smart Meter Fires

On July 29, 2016, the National Labor Relations Board ruled that Texas electrician whistleblower Bobby Reed should be reinstated with back pay after his unlawful firing for reporting smart meter fire risks:

“We … find that Reed’s senate testimony concerning smart meters and meter bases heating up and burning more frequently related to (and was spurred by) an ongoing and legitimate concern of the Union about the safety of represented bargaining unit employees working with the meters, particularly given the hazard of electrical arcs.” 

“In line with their testimony, Longeway [*], [Oncor’s] expert witness, was aware that Itron had produced models in which the blades were too thin and did not seat with sufficient pressure in the jaws of the meter base.”

More Smart Meter Fire Info:

Note: Opponents raising fire safety issues were ignored when National Grid installed Itron smart meters in Worcester.

National Grid has selected itron for its proposed MA smart meter roll-out:

Legitimate concerns about safety risks associated with wireless utility infrastructure have been repeatedly ignored.

2. Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity 

Dr. William Rea of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine article:
History of Chemical Sensitivity and Diagnosis
describes a science-based protocol for evaluating patients for electromagnetic hypersensitivity.

“These different tests can be performed under less polluted, environmentally controlled conditions to diagnose chemical and electrical sensitivity precisely. They take the guess work out of the diagnosis as they have now been performed in 30,000 patients seen at the EHC-D in the last 35 years. The pitfalls of ignoring the principles and facts developed,…can lead to errors in diagnosis and treatment.”

EHS has been mischaracterized as a psychological issue, resulting in profound suffering and violations of basic human rights.

Please consider asking the City of Worcester to retract its controversial and dismissive smart meter health report,
( scroll to health report)
and to take action to address growing health damage by contacting these individuals:

Sample text:  The proposed roll out of wireless smart meters will impact every MA resident. While the City may not have been aware of the risks associated with smart meters at the onset, now that the pilot has been conducted in Worcester with residents reporting harm, the City should revisit the issue of health impacts and play a part in calling for the application of the precautionary principle. Please address the issue of adverse health impacts associated with wireless utility infrastructure.

3. Letter to the Editor by Patricia Burke on ADA and EHS

Be on the right side of history,
with gratitude to Worcester Telegram and Gazette and Metrowest Daily News

MA Smart Meter Mess

1. MA DPU Grid Modernization Hearings – Smart Meters
MA DPU 15-120 National Grid,
MA DPU 15-121 Fitchburg Gas and Electric,
MA DPU 15-122 Eversource,
now tentatively slated through October.

The MA Attorney General has intervened, and petitioned to hire expert consultation, stating:
The areas of consultant inquiry may include, but are not necessarily limited to [ ]… the bill impacts associated with and affordability of the GMP, and; whether the GMP adequately addresses cybersecurity, customer privacy and customer data access. 
Note no mention of health.

We continue to seek advocacy for protection from health damages associated with wireless utility meters and infrastructure, and filed several complaints protesting the MA DPU’s reliance on career tobacco scientist Peter Valberg as its expert on health impacts.  

2. Worcester NGrid Smart Meter Pilot Fanciful Results Reporting 
The interim report for the Worcester Pilot includes inaccurate portrayal of the program results, including the incredulous claim of a 98% retention rate.

Click here for Clare’s overview with links: 

3.  National Grid’s “Energy Influencer Stakeholders”

National Grid submitted a (fascinating) list of individuals who are reported to be playing a key role for the utility in regard to grid modernization. The list includes Worcester’s City Manager Ed Augustus and John O’Dell, several business leaders in Worcester, mayors of MA cities, and others.

We inquired with the City of Worcester to determine exactly what role the City Manager has assumed for National Grid in part because other Energy Influencer Stakeholders reported they were unaware that they were on the list or what the role entailed.

If you wish, please take a look at the list and make a few inquiries with your contacts, including MA Audubon, Sen. Ben Downing, and the Mayors of Marlborough, Brockton, Attleboro, Fall River, Gardner, Lawrence, and let us know what you learn about their role as an Energy Influencer Stakeholder. Contact starting on page 115

4. Senator Edward Markey 

took $155,150 in campaign contributions from the wireless industry and $320,500 from the cable industry, and has not taken action to help protect vulnerable MA residents from encroachment by wireless infrastructure. Please continue to inform him and others promoting smart meters as energy efficiency that they are on the wrong side of history.

5. Signs of Hope – Bipartisan

US Presidential Candidate Jill Stein Speaks on WiFi in School Health Risks – 3 1/2 minutes


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