Burr Ridge urges opt-out option for ComEd smart meters

Kevin BeesePioneer Press

James Holderman isn’t taking any chance.

The Burr Ridge resident has a sign over his electric meter informing any subcontractor in the ComEd smart meter program that he has deferred installation and to not put one of the new radio frequency, message transmitting meters on his home. He said his 18-month-old son’s main play area inside the house is just feet away from where the existing meter sits on the outside of his home.

With his son’s new fascination of watching from the play area’s bay window as his dad cuts the grass, Holderman said he does not want his son exposed to the radio-frequency pulses a smart meter would transmit during his 30 minutes of yard maintenance.

The Burr Ridge resident said he has been investigating radio frequency and smart meters ever since ComEd made a March presentation to the Village Board about meter installation in the community.


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