NYC-Every meter Replaced without “Pilot” at Ratepayers expense!!

We recently talked about how AARP will sometimes attack smart meters on a state by state basis, usually due to costs …
Con Ed shouldn’t stick NYers w/ $1.2B bill for “smart meters” w/o testing benefits first …

AARP strongly recommends the Commission reconsider its approval of Con Edison’s $1.2 billion smart meter investment. AARP believes there has been no opportunity to

fully explore Con Edison’s estimated costs or the benefits of this technology. Under the PSC approach, this significant expense will be paid for by Con Edison’s residential customers long before there is any proof that the alleged benefits will occur or in what amount. Why wasn’t a pilot approach considered before allowing Con Edison to replace every meter in NYC at ratepayer expense?

Why are ratepayers stuck paying this billion-dollar expense before anyone can verify and determine this new policy to be useful and beneficial to the people paying the bill?

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