Massachusetts officials – DO YOUR JOBS!

I am going to use the words of Senator, Elizabeth Warren regarding Congress enacting gun legislation, by saying, “Do your Jobs”!

This document was signed into law by Barbara Kwetz, Director of Air Control for the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection in 1990.  The  Pure Tone noise pollution regulations are in this document.

Barbara Kwetz is the contact person we were assigned when we filed our Formal Letter of Complaint regarding the constant noise in our home 24 hours a day.  We included with our complaint 1/3 octave band, Pure tone noise studies proving our electric company, National Grid was not in compliance with the DEP’s regulations.  Barbara Kwetz acted like she did not know what a pure tone is.  She tried to pawn us off by sending our complaint to the Director of Public Health, Robert Knorr.  Where he informed us after we posed the question; ” what authority do you have over our complaint?”  He replied,  “Absolutely none”!

Barbara Kwetz the signer of this document and who has the authority to enforce the pure tone violations in our home; chose to do nothing.  She chose not to do her job.  She chose to ignore forensic, scientific evidence of a toxin in our air.

We all deserve better. But, more importantly, how are they allowed to get away with this criminal activity?  We are looking for an attorney who has the moral courage to stand up to this corruption.  There are thousands of people suffering from hearing this pollution all day and night with no ability to stop  or control it in their environments.

Every complaint is being ignored and dismissed.  We will not stop our fight to stop this until these employees that we pay to protect us do their jobs.

The EPA has set fines up to $25,000  a day until the culprits mitigate the problem!!!!!!!! National Grid and all the utilities who are the source of the pure tone toxins,  in other areas, should be fined as well until it is mitigated…..Sandaura


This policy is adopted by the Division of Air Quality control. The Department’s existing guideline for enforcing its

noise regulation (310 CMR 7.10) is being reaffirmed.

A source of sound will be considered to be violating the Department’s noise regulation (310 CMR 7.10) if the source:

1. Increases the broadband sound level by more than 10

dB(A) above ambient, or

2. Produces a “pure tone” condition-when any octave band center frequency sound pressure level exceeds the two adjacent center frequency sound pressure levels by 3 decibels or more.

These criteria are measured both at the property line and at the nearest inhabited residence. Ambient is defined as the background A-weighted sound level that is exceeded 90% of the

time measured during equipment operating hours. The ambient may

also be established by other means with the consent of the


1990 Effective: Immediately

Barbara A. Kwetz

Acting Director

Division of Air

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