Are you willing to play Russian Roulette with your kids lives?

People who are addicted to their phones are on it or it is on their person or in close proximity of their person 24/7 NOT 30 MINUTES A DAY. THESE ARE THE STANDARDS BY WHICH STUDIES HAVE BEEN DONE!!! This is the elephant in the room that should be screaming loud and clear in everyone’s ear.  Is this the Ostrich mentality?  Don’t think about it and it will go away?  It is not going anywhere.  A generation of children are growing up with exposure to high radiation levels; not only from getting their smart phones for their birthdays and Christmas; like this is some of kind reward or how an adult shows their love for their kids!!!  Add in the Wi-Fi exposure from industrial modems in schools.  Our kids don’t have a chance in hell of a healthy future.  A gift of love would be to saying no to the dumbing down of  culture and fighting to make sure our environments are replaced with safer technology….30 minutes a day for 10+years Sandaura


BioEM2016: The NTP study (part 2)


Posted on June 9, 2016

Therefore, the outcome of the NTP study should be considered in the context of the to-date performed epidemiological, animal and in vitro studies. The combination of all the elements suggests that cell phone radiation possibly (or probably) affects human health because:

  • three case-control epidemiological studies (Interphone, Hardell’s group, CERENAT) have shown increased risk of developing glioma in avid, long-term users of cell phone (30 min/day for 10+ years)
  • animal studies, show increased health risk in exposed or co-exposed animals (e.g. Chou et al., Tillman et al, Lerchl’s group, NTP-study)

Full article at:

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