From: Joe Esposito <>” <>; “” <>; “” <>
Cc: Dara Derryberry <>; David Derby <>; “” <>
Sent: Friday, June 3, 2016 9:34 AM
Subject: Oklahoma utilities SMART METERS

Commissioner B. Anthony

Commissioner D. Murphy
Commissioner T. Hiett
I am emailing you today about Oklahoma utilities’ wireless microwave radiating SMART METERS.
As you know I have been coming to your offices since January 8. 2013, presenting documentation  about the dangers and damages to our health being caused by SMART METERS.
I assume by now you have reviewed the press releases that a MAJOR U.S. GOVERNMENT STUDY FINDS CELL PHONE RADIATION CAUSES CANCER.  Last Thursday, the U.S. National Toxicology Program released final peer-reviewed results of its $25 million study on rats and cell phone radiation exposure.  Remember the test frequency was at 900 MHz — “almost the same frequency” as SMART METERS which are transmitting at 925 MHz and 2.4 GHz 24/7/365.
Last Thursday I delivered nine different issues of the BANNER Newspaper to the Oklahoma Corporation Commission to keep the Commissioners informed concerning the dangers of SMART METERS and the  harm they cause to Oklahoma citizens’ health.
During the Ms. Sherry Lamb case OG&E basically said in their MOTION TO DISMISS that
the OCC said: OG&E could use wireless SMART METERS, SMART METERS were “SAFE”
and the SMART METERS were FCC compliant.
Today we know these SMART METERS are “NOT SAFE”.  During that hearing Commissioner
Murphy asked the question: Where is Ms. Lamb to go with her complaint if the OCC was dismissing her?
In my 108th BANNER Newspaper article was the FCC’s SPECIFIC ABSORPTION RATE (SAR’S)
where they used a plastic head to test the safety of wireless microwave radiation, this test had nothing to do with science (there was no biology involved).  This test was more of a “COOKING CLASS”(please read the #108 article that I delivered last Thursday to the OCC).
Remember, JOE ESPOSITO’S EXCEPTIONS TO THE REPORT OF THE ADMINISTRATIVE LAW JUDGE CAUSE NO. PUD 201500109  Page 7:  “Management cannot predict the ultimate impact of the question of EMF exposure and adverse health effects. If further research shows that EMF exposure contributes to increased risk of cancer or other health problems, or if the courts conclude that EMF exposure harms individuals and that utilities are liable for damages, or if states limit the strength of magnetic fields to such a level that the current electricity delivery system must be significantly changed, then the results of operations and financial condition of AEP and its operating subsidiaries could be materially affected unless these costs can be recovered from customers.”
In my opinion this new $25 million government study has pulled the covers off all this misinformation about wireless microwave radiation including SMART METERS.
I am asking the OCC that AEP-PSO and ONG immediately remove their wireless microwave radiating  SMART METERS off my property and restore my mechanical ANALOGY METERS.  I also ask that all Oklahoma utilities remove their SMART METERS from all Oklahoma ratepayers and replace the SMART METERS with mechanical ANALOG METERS.

I eagerly look forward to your response to protect my family and all Oklahoma citizens.
Thank you for you help.
Joe Esposito
10110 N. 124th E. Ave
Owasso, Ok 74055


  1. J. Cell. Mol. Med. Vol. 17, No 8, 2013 pp. 958-965
    “Electromagnetic fields act via activation of voltage-gate calcium channels to produce beneficial or adverse effects”
    by Martin L. Pall, Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic medical Sciences, Washington State University, Portland, OR. USA. 1. 23 different studies have found that EMF exposures act via activation of VGCCs, such that VGCC channel blockers can prevent responses to such exposures.
    2, Bothe extremely low frequency fields and microwave EMF exposures act via activation of VGCC
    Anyway… it’s a 5 page article.. I think most people think EMF’s and electromagnetic fields don’t do anything to living cells… But that notion couldn’t be further from the truth.. The mobile phone industry and made-in-China General Electric are not arguing that point…If they did, they would be forced to admit cellular functions are altered…. but they are asking us to believe that those molecular changes in the functions of human cells are not harmful… The science illiterate president and utility companies… are usurping the right to blast these frequency fields through our homes 24 hours a day… frequency fields that alter cellular functions.. on the molecular level… And then they try to twist the truth into a lie by saying it’s just a few minutes a day… But the truth is… it is a split second … every few minutes…. So, the devious utility companies, that want to hold on to the billions 0bama gave them to force this into our homes, add up the thousands of split second blasts… and say it’s just a few minutes……
    It’s like saying if I clapped my hands every few minutes… 24 hours a day… It’s like saying my hands are only together a few minutes…
    There are thousands of articles like this one… it’s just that your won’t find them on the internet… and your won’t hear about them on the made-in-China General Electric owned television…newspapers… magazines.. or anywhere the public
    This complete article is available on the internet ..

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