The North American Smart Meter Market Has Plateaued, According to Navigant Research


The North American Smart Meter Market Has Plateaued, According to Navigant Research

Aclara, Itron, and Landis+Gyr are the leading North American smart meter manufacturers, report finds

June 27, 2016 05:15 AM Eastern Daylight Time


From 2009 to 2012, the U.S. Department of Energy’s Smart Grid Investment Grant Program contributed to an influx of smart meter installations across the United States. Since then, fewer project announcements have occurred, with a few scheduled deployments such as those by Consolidated Edison (Con Edison) and Hawaiian Electric helping to sustain the presence of AMI activity. Click to tweet: According to a new report from @NavigantRSRCH, the North American smart meter market has plateaued.


This must-see short film by Andrew Lankes of Austin, TX is loaded with truth and solutions for ‘smart’ meters, wireless, and dirty electricity.

What we like best about this 12-minute video are the clear measurements — with a ‘smart’ meter, and after it was replaced with a safe analog. Watch it here:


Published on Jun 5, 2016

This is all about the process of opting out of your smart meter in Austin, Texas and nation wide. And cleaning up the Wifi radiation in your home. Dr. Laura Pressley aided us in the process – taking before and after readings.


Kitchen – with ‘smart’ meter: 232 V/sec
Kitchen – with analog meter: 50 V/sec

Bedroom – with ‘smart’ meter: 153 V/sec
Bedroom – with analog meter: 60 V/sec

Smart meter: over 2,000 uW/m2* (device maxed out)
Analog meter: 0.4 uW/m2
* – pulses much higher than 2,000 uW/m2

Router with wireless: over 2,000 uW/m2 (device maxed out)
Router without wireless: 0.6 uW/m2

DECT cordless phone base: over 2,000 uW/m2 (device maxed out)
Mobile phone: over 2,000 uW/m2 (device maxed out)

1) Replace ‘smart’ meter with analog meter
2) Hardwire computers with ethernet cable
3) Put cell phone in airplane mode when not in use, and don’t use right next to head. (Good idea: airtube headset)
3) Use a corded landline

We’re bio-electric beings, affected by electromagnetics

Quite simply, we are bio-electric beings. As we’ve seen in Take Back Your Power (watch it here), once a utility installs a ‘smart’ meter, thousands (if not millions) are suffering functional impairments, illness or returning bouts of cancer and other diseases.

There are literally thousands of studies that show a biological effect from electromagnetic frequencies (EMF). And just this month, a $25M study by the US National Toxicology Program (NTP) concluded that cellphone radiation is linked with an increase presence of cancerous tumors.

But of course, industry and most government agencies are in full denial. It’s time the world knows what’s going on with ‘smart’ meters — better termed radiating surveillance meters.

Opting-out is not the solution, but it’s a start. It’s time we kick these ‘smart’/advanced/AMI meters out of our homes and neighborhoods once and for all. Contact your utility today and demand a safe analog meter.

Video: How to opt out from ‘smart’ meters (before & after measurements)

FCC – public comments regarding Smart Grid Noise Pollution


Federal Communications Commission

445 12th St., S.W.

Washington, D.C. 20554

News Media Information 202 / 418-0500


TTY: 1-888-835-5322

DA 16-676

Released: June 15, 2016



ET Docket No. 16-191

Comment Deadline: August 11, 2016

The FCC’s Technological Advisory Council (TAC), an advisory group to the FCC operating under the

Federal Advisory Committee Act, is investigating changes and trends to the radio spectrum noise floor to

determine if there is an increasing noise problem, and if so, the scope and quantitative evidence of such

problem(s), and how a noise study should be performed. In this public notice, the Office of Engineering

and Technology (OET) announces the TAC’s public inquiry, seeking comments and answers to questions

below for the TAC about radio spectrum noise.1

TAC Noise Floor Technical Inquiry

The TAC is requesting input to help answer questions about the study of changes to the spectrum noise

floor over the past 20 years. Noise in this context denotes unwanted radio frequency (RF) energy from

man-made sources. Like many spectrum users, TAC members expect that the noise floor in the radio

spectrum is rising as the number of devices in use that emit radio energy grows. However, in search for

concrete evidence of increased noise floors, we have found limited available quantitative data to support

this presumption. We are looking to find ways to add to the available data in order to answer important

questions for the FCC regarding this topic.

Radio spectrum noise is generated by many different types of devices. Devices that are not designed to

generate or emit RF energy but do so as a result of their operation are called Incidental Radiators. Most

electric motors, light dimmers, switching power supplies, utility transformers and power lines are

included in this category. There is little regulation governing the noise generated by these devices. Noise

from such sources is expected to be minimized with “Good Engineering Practices.”

Devices that are designed to generate RF energy for internal use, or send RF signals by conduction to

associated equipment via connected wiring, but are not intended to emit RF energy, are called

Unintentional Radiators. Computers and many portable electronic devices in use today, as well as many

new high efficiency lights, are included in this category. Current regulations limit the levels of emitted RF

energy from these devices.

Unlicensed Intentional Radiators, Industrial, Scientific, and Medical (ISM) Radiators, and Licensed

Radiators are devices that are designed to generate and emit RF energy by radiation or induction. Cellular



phones and base stations, unlicensed wireless routers, Bluetooth devices, broadcast TV and radio stations,

and radars of many types, are all examples of licensed / unlicensed intentional radiators, and microwave

ovens, arc welders, and fluorescent lighting are examples of ISM equipment. Such emitters contribute to

the noise floor with emissions outside of their assigned frequencies. These are sometimes generated as

spurious emissions, including, but not limited to, harmonics of desired frequencies and intermodulation

products. Regulations that permit the operation of these devices also specify the limits of emissions

outside of licensed or allowed (in the case of unlicensed devices) frequencies of operation.

We are looking for responses to the following questions to help us identify aspects of a study to determine

trends in the radio spectrum noise floor.

1. Is there a noise problem?

a. If so, what are the expected major sources of noise that are of concern?

b. What services are being most impacted by a rising spectrum noise floor?

c. If incidental radiators are a concern, what sorts of government, industry, and civil society

efforts might be appropriate to ameliorate the noise they produce?

2. Where does the problem exist?

a. Spectrally

i. What frequency bands are of the most interest?

b. Spatially

i. Indoors vs outdoors?

ii. Cities vs rural settings?

iii. How close in proximity to incidental radiators or other noise sources?

iv. How can natural propagation effects be accounted for in a noise study?

c. Temporally

i. Night versus day?

ii. Seasonally?

3. Is there quantitative evidence of the overall increase in the total integrated noise floor across

various segments of the radio frequency spectrum?

a. At what levels does the noise floor cause harmful interference to particular radio


b. What RF environment data from the past 20 years is available, showing the contribution

of the major sources of noise?

c. Please provide references to scholarly articles or other sources of spectrum noise


4. How should a noise study be performed?

a. What should be the focus of the noise study?

b. How should it be funded?

c. What methods should be used?

d. How should noise be measured?

i. What is the optimal instrumentation that should be used?

ii. What measurement parameters should be used for that instrumentation?

iii. At what spatial and temporal scales should noise be measured?

iv. Should the monitoring instrumentation be capable of determining the directions

of the noise sources? If so, how would those data be used?

v. Is there an optimal height above ground for measurements?

e. What measurement accuracy is needed?


i. What are the statistical requirements for sufficient data? Would these

requirements vary based on spectral, spatial and temporal factors?

ii. Can measurements from uncalibrated, or minimally calibrated, devices be


iii. Is it possible to “crowd source” a noise study?

f. Would receiver noise measurements commonly logged by certain users (e.g. radio

astronomers, cellular, and broadcast auxiliary licensees) be available and useful for noise

floor studies?

g. How much data must be collected to reach a conclusion?

h. How can noise be distinguished from signals?

i. Can noise be characterized and its source identified?

ii. Is there a threshold level, below which measurements should be ignored?


Interested parties may file comments up until the comment deadline indicated on the first page of this

document. Comments may be filed using the Commission’s Electronic Comment Filing System (ECFS).

See Electronic Filing of Documents in Rulemaking Proceedings, 63 FR 24121 (1998).

Electronic Filers: Comments may be filed electronically using the Internet by accessing the


Paper Filers: Parties that choose to file by paper must file an original and one copy of each filing.

If more than one docket or rulemaking number appears in the caption of this proceeding, filers

must submit two additional copies for each additional docket or rulemaking number.

Filings can be sent by hand or messenger delivery, by commercial overnight courier, or by firstclass

or overnight U.S. Postal Service mail. All filings must be addressed to the Commission’s

Secretary, Office of the Secretary, Federal Communications Commission.

All hand-delivered or messenger-delivered paper filings for the Commission’s Secretary

must be delivered to FCC Headquarters at 445 12th St., SW, Room TW-A325,

Washington, DC 20554. The filing hours are 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. All hand deliveries

must be held together with rubber bands or fasteners. Any envelopes must be disposed of

before entering the building.

Commercial overnight mail (other than U.S. Postal Service Express Mail and Priority

Mail) must be sent to 9300 East Hampton Drive, Capitol Heights, MD 20743.

U.S. Postal Service first-class, Express, and Priority mail must be addressed to 445 12th

Street, SW, Washington DC 20554.

People with Disabilities: To request materials in accessible formats for people with disabilities (braille,

large print, electronic files, audio format), send an e-mail to or call the Consumer &

Governmental Affairs Bureau at 202-418-0530 (voice), 202-418-0432 (tty).

For further information, please contact TAC Spectrum and Receiver Performance working group cochairs

Greg Lapin, ARRL ( and Lynn Claudy, NAB (, or TAC

working group FCC liaison Robert Pavlak, FCC Office of Engineering & Technology


New Mexico – Crowds pack PRC smart meter hearings



PNM staffers have asserted that the new meters are completely safe and will end up saving their consumers money, but based on the comments at the Thursday sessions, members of the public feel differently.

Additionally, she said, “no one has proved that these smart meters are safe. The burden of proof shouldn’t be on us, the ratepayer.”

Crowds pack PRC smart meter hearings

Written by on June 24, 2016

More that 100 people showed up to two separate hearings Thursday afternoon to voice their opinions to District 5 Public Regulation Commissioner Sandy Jones about the Public Service Company of New Mexico’s proposal to install “smart meters” statewide — a hot topic in Silver City since the town installed their own “smart meters” on water services earlier this year.

Although the “smart meters” the town installed were part of a long-term plan developed and voted on a couple of years ago, the PRC is hearing PNM’s case as to why the company wants to install these meters on utility service installations.

The start of the first session, scheduled for 2 p.m., was delayed nearly 40 minutes by a late court reporter, but attendees were standing after seats filled in the completely packed Commissioners Meeting Room of the Grant County Administration Center. The first session ended only 45 minutes before the 5 p.m. session began, where about half as many wanted to speak.

PNM staffers have asserted that the new meters are completely safe and will end up saving their consumers money, but based on the comments at the Thursday sessions, members of the public feel differently.

Janet Wallet-Ortiz said that she hoped Jones and the PRC would vote down the proposed PNM plan to install Advanced Metering Infrastructure meters for a couple of reasons.

“AMI meters have a lifespan that is considerably shorter than analog meters. The [existing analog meter] at my house is over 30 years old,” she said. “The more expensive the plan, the more money PNM makes.”

Speaking in the hearing, Louise Hummingbird said that PNM is also going to charge those who “opt out” of the plan an additional $47 a month.

“Our regular bills already have included in them the money to pay to have the meters read, but PNM wants to charge us an extra $47 a month to have the meters read if we don’t opt for a smart meter,” she said.

Additionally, she said, “no one has proved that these smart meters are safe. The burden of proof shouldn’t be on us, the ratepayer.”

John Stein, joining in on the health effects, said that although no one has proved the meters are unsafe, there is no proof of their safety, either.

“PNM should be providing full disclosure as to the safety of their product,” he said.

Another concern raised during the meetings was reports that some of these meters have caused house fires, leaving people homeless — and that they could be potential cyber-security risks, or give criminals information about residents, such as when electronic use was highest and lowest to case a house and burgle it.

On the other side of the argument, Western New Mexico Communications President Dave Thomas said he is completely in favor of the meters, because they will provide PNM with more accurate billing information.

“By reducing the number of vehicles you have, you reduce the fuel consumption and reduce the pollutants,” he said. “This isn’t just a technological fad — the analog meters I don’t believe are being manufactured anymore, so eventually we’re going to have to go to a digital AMI type of technology. I am not here to debate the health issues or the price issues because I really don’t understand them, but I do believe it will improve billing accuracy, the ability for customers to pick their own payment date and immediate service connection or disconnection.”

Thomas focused on the benefits of immediately being able to turn connections on and off, particularly for area real estate agents. “If somebody wants to look at a house, they can have the power turned on immediately,” he said. “It will improve the productivity of other businesses that I believe rely on quick and consistent connectivity.”

Although some heckled Thomas while he was speaking, Jones asked the crowd to be respectful of others’ opinions during the meeting, adding that the community’s civility is why he likes holding public hearings in Silver City.

“This is such a great community with the respect you folks give each other here,” Jones said.


Secret Cell Towers In Sedona and Towns Across the U.S.

Across the U.S.

Secret Cell Towers In Sedona and Towns Across the U.S.

Sedona AZ (June 24, 2016) – The following is a letter to the editor:

Cell towers emit radiofrequency radiation and new studies question where it is appropriate to site towers

Ask your Church or Temple, ask your children’s school! Are you taking money for disguised cell towers on property? Do you know the health hazards? Have you warned the neighbors?

How many of us are aware of the dangers of cell towers to humans and other life forms? Apparently not many. Most of the public is still in the trance of believing that whatever government agencies and global corporations say is safe, that has to be true, as they would never lie to us, or do anything not in our best interest. They care about us, and do everything they can to protect us, so we don’t have to question anything for ourselves.

Microwave radiation coming from wi-fi systems, cell phones held against the body, smart meters and especially cell towers, has been shown to be extremely damaging to humans and other life forms. This is not theory, it is well documented, but denied by government and its partner corporations. So many technologies that are everywhere today have turned out to be disastrous for humanity, and wi-fi radiation is one of them.

If you live in Sedona, or just about any part of America, your health, and that of your family, your children, your friends, is being affected by this technology right now, today. Being close to cell towers for any length of time is one of the fastest ways to experience damage. Cancer clusters are common for people that spend much time around cell towers. But the dangers are routinely hidden.

Now even the towers themselves are hidden. The one I discovered by “chance” in Sedona, after running into an ATT technician that works on cell towers, was disguised to look like a parking lot light post. Only there is no light on it. The church whose property this hidden cell tower is on, is being paid for being willing to subject the neighborhood people and animals, its own staff and members, the community people who use the church facilities for their meetings, to this constant radiation.

HF35C RF-Analyzer (also known as the eHF35C, eHF 35C or HF 35C) measures radiation from smart meters, cell phones, microwaves and more

I saw the radiation from this tower picked up hundreds of yards away on a technician’s electronic detection equipment. This can be an income of hundreds or thousands of dollars a month for the church, and no one needs to know what it is doing to the office staff, the church members, the local neighbors, or groups that rent church facilities for their meetings. Whether this is legal or not is a secondary point. By any normal standard, this is a crime, and a clear indication that these religious organizations promoting ethical living, spiritual values, are hypocrites, and do not believe, or do not understand, what they are preaching.

The same thing is happening at elementary schools, high schools and colleges all over the country. Modern business ethics taught in MBA programs now promote the belief that if you can make a profit doing something harmful, as long as it is legal, or even if you can just be assured that you can get away with it, that is successful and shrewd business. So selling out the well-being of your church members or the students who attend your school is actually a great way to make money. That is, if you don’t care what your actions are doing to other human beings, and are functioning as a heartless robot, which is what the power structure is wanting us to become.

girl cell phoneIn spite of what our rulers intend for us, at this point, we still have a choice.

Let’s assume that some of the church or temple management personnel who make the decision to bring microwave radiation home to their members, and the school boards and private managers who are selling out the health of their students and employees by taking the money to have cell towers on campus, don’t understand the harm they are doing. Well now all of you have just lost the excuse of ignorance. I am letting you know. Religious organizations giving sermons on caring about our fellow man, while they get paid off to have cell towers on their property, if they don’t get rid of them now, and stop taking the money, are not living up to what they preach, and don’t really believe in what they tell others.

School management is in the same category. Taking money to harm your students is a crime, once you know, and now you know. Parents, go to your school, find out who would know and would admit it, and ask them if they have a cell tower or antenna on campus or nearby, and are getting money for it. If so, have them get rid of it immediately. Let them know you want wi-fi out of the school now. The computers can stay, but just get them hard wired, and ditch the wi-fi routers. Or get your kids out of that school, and let other parents know. The responsibility and direction of education for your kids is in your hands, not the government-controlled school system.

Church members, temple members, the same for you, protect your health from one more assault on it that you don’t need. There are more than enough hazards to deal with already. Get the management to ditch all forms of wi-fi, go to hard wired routers and computers, and give back the cell tower, if there is one there and get it off the property. The thirty pieces of silver that church management might get would not be worth it. But in this case, they’re not even getting real silver, but just fiat currency whose value drops every year.

man boy cell phoneWhat else to do to help protect your health? Get wi-fi out of your home. Use wired routers. If you have a smart meter on your home or workplace, get rid of it now. If you demand to have it taken off and replaced with a normal analogue meter, the power company has to do it. There was never any justification whatsoever for smart meters. Installing them has not just been a phenomenal waste of money, the old analogue kind was more reliable, did not start fires, and did not have any built-in surveillance capability to intrude on your privacy. The “smart” meters do, in addition to generating harmful microwaves.

There is much more I could tell you, but this is more than enough to start with. If you don’t care about your own health, at least care about these things for your kids, your pets, your neighbors and others. But the best way is to care about it for yourself. Then you will automatically realize it is hurting everyone else.

laptop computerSo many things like this are going on around you, that if you want to keep yourself in good condition, maximize your immunity to disease and the bad aspects of “aging,” you simply must do your homework. There is no alternative that I am aware of. If you go the route of blind trust in authority, with drugs and surgery for health, you will pay the price, as millions are already doing. Laziness has a very high price tag.

So now you have your homework, check these things out. And when you do get educated, don’t forget to see if your church, temple, or school is getting paid to have a cell tower on site, which should be totally unacceptable once you understand the consequences. You cannot get the real information by trusting corrupt government agencies, or corporations that make money on damaging technologies. Don’t believe me, check it all out yourself. We’re all very busy nowadays, but if you don’t find the time to do your homework, you’ll remain at the mercy of those who want to control your life. Listen to the interviews with microwave weapons and technology expert Barrie Trower (links below).

I have one motive for writing this letter. I have seen too much suffering that could be avoided. I want us to start caring about ourselves and each other, enough to question everything, and find out for ourselves what is true, no matter where it leads.

When would it be good to start doing this? Now would be a good time.

Barrie Trower Educational Presentations:





Richard Sacks, Host
Lost Arts Radio
Independent holistic health scientist since 1965
Essene teacher and consultant

Why Is It so Hard for People to Stand Up to Injustices With those in Need?

I have been involved in activism against the Smart Grid Syndrome and the Toxic air pollutant, “Pure Tone” noise since 2006. My dedication to this issue is in part due to the suffering and loss of a peaceful an healthy life.  I, along with millions of suffers do not have, what is now considered a luxury to sit in our own environments without hearing the noise pollution of the so called smart grid.

I have heard from victims all over the world. We have reached out to the government and professionals, who have knowledge or background to  lend assistance.  There are is no knight in shining armor to ride on his or her white horse to rescue or save of from this nightmare.

This week has been an unprecedented week in politics.  I watched with renewed faith and hope when I watched the Senate and the House stand up for it’s people.  I was fixated on CSPAN to the wee hours of the morning listening to the eloquent speeches of our elected sane side of the fence; not to leave out the few Republicans who have jumped the fence on the gun issue.  I give them props for doing so.  Look what it has taken for the Politicians to start doing their jobs.  Wow, it is a throw back to the  60’s when we thought we were going to change the world. What happen there?  I am still trying to figure it out.  Well here we are and I hope it is a sign of better things to come.

My tweet of the day was a suggestion to have the GOP House ride on planes without any security or background checks and see if that will change their sorry ass tunes.  Who are these so called humans, anyway?  Are they built or created in the eyes of God.  That is all they talk about is God, but what is god-like about their actions?  They are so out of step with the will of the people.

This brings me back to the issue of the noise pollution. I was inspired by the recent events of the Senate and House and learned something that it is necessary to keep repeating what I have been writing and saying for the last 10 years.  It is what is necessary until we are heard, until more people get it, until there is action, until people do their jobs, I will and must continue to fight for the “hearers” and our wildlife, until the noise pollution assaulting us stops and the “illegal Pure Tones” are  eradicated from our air forever.

Thank you to the group of suffers who have joined me in this fight.  We will get justice!!












NYC-Every meter Replaced without “Pilot” at Ratepayers expense!!

We recently talked about how AARP will sometimes attack smart meters on a state by state basis, usually due to costs …
Con Ed shouldn’t stick NYers w/ $1.2B bill for “smart meters” w/o testing benefits first …

AARP strongly recommends the Commission reconsider its approval of Con Edison’s $1.2 billion smart meter investment. AARP believes there has been no opportunity to

fully explore Con Edison’s estimated costs or the benefits of this technology. Under the PSC approach, this significant expense will be paid for by Con Edison’s residential customers long before there is any proof that the alleged benefits will occur or in what amount. Why wasn’t a pilot approach considered before allowing Con Edison to replace every meter in NYC at ratepayer expense?

Why are ratepayers stuck paying this billion-dollar expense before anyone can verify and determine this new policy to be useful and beneficial to the people paying the bill?

Australia — Programs for gifted students — Avoid vaccines & Wi-Fi in schools


Smart Kids Are Exempt From Vaccines In Australia, What Does That Tell You?

A school program for gifted students is offering vaccination exemption forms and urging students to avoid Wi-Fi in schools, claiming that gifted kids have “extra neurological connections” which make them more susceptible to allergic reactions.

Pat Slattery , the founder of WiseOnes, a popular program for gifted students working in Victorian state schools, posted on her website that gifted children have “extra sensitivities to food or chemicals” and are prone to developing negative health reactions to vaccinations.

In a post that has since been removed, she points to information that links vaccines to autism, and tells parents to email her to request a vaccination exemption form.

Smart Kids Are Exempt From Vaccines In Australia, What Does That Tell You?




Massachusetts officials – DO YOUR JOBS!

I am going to use the words of Senator, Elizabeth Warren regarding Congress enacting gun legislation, by saying, “Do your Jobs”!

This document was signed into law by Barbara Kwetz, Director of Air Control for the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection in 1990.  The  Pure Tone noise pollution regulations are in this document.

Barbara Kwetz is the contact person we were assigned when we filed our Formal Letter of Complaint regarding the constant noise in our home 24 hours a day.  We included with our complaint 1/3 octave band, Pure tone noise studies proving our electric company, National Grid was not in compliance with the DEP’s regulations.  Barbara Kwetz acted like she did not know what a pure tone is.  She tried to pawn us off by sending our complaint to the Director of Public Health, Robert Knorr.  Where he informed us after we posed the question; ” what authority do you have over our complaint?”  He replied,  “Absolutely none”!

Barbara Kwetz the signer of this document and who has the authority to enforce the pure tone violations in our home; chose to do nothing.  She chose not to do her job.  She chose to ignore forensic, scientific evidence of a toxin in our air.

We all deserve better. But, more importantly, how are they allowed to get away with this criminal activity?  We are looking for an attorney who has the moral courage to stand up to this corruption.  There are thousands of people suffering from hearing this pollution all day and night with no ability to stop  or control it in their environments.

Every complaint is being ignored and dismissed.  We will not stop our fight to stop this until these employees that we pay to protect us do their jobs.

The EPA has set fines up to $25,000  a day until the culprits mitigate the problem!!!!!!!! National Grid and all the utilities who are the source of the pure tone toxins,  in other areas, should be fined as well until it is mitigated…..Sandaura


This policy is adopted by the Division of Air Quality control. The Department’s existing guideline for enforcing its

noise regulation (310 CMR 7.10) is being reaffirmed.

A source of sound will be considered to be violating the Department’s noise regulation (310 CMR 7.10) if the source:

1. Increases the broadband sound level by more than 10

dB(A) above ambient, or

2. Produces a “pure tone” condition-when any octave band center frequency sound pressure level exceeds the two adjacent center frequency sound pressure levels by 3 decibels or more.

These criteria are measured both at the property line and at the nearest inhabited residence. Ambient is defined as the background A-weighted sound level that is exceeded 90% of the

time measured during equipment operating hours. The ambient may

also be established by other means with the consent of the


1990 Effective: Immediately

Barbara A. Kwetz

Acting Director

Division of Air

100% Recycled