Queensland-Criminal action against Telecommunications tower

New Farm Community Tower fight and Legal Action

After a great deal of protest, objection and perseverance, the New Farm community is still struggling to stop the installation of a mobile phone telecommunications tower within in close proximity of local homes and a school.
In Queensland assault is a crime and is in all States. Under section 75 of the Queensland Criminal Code there is also a crime called ‘Threatening to Assault’. Assault includes applying or ‘threatening’ to apply non-consensual ‘force’ to a person.  The words ‘applies force’ are defined under the Criminal Code to include ‘electrical energy’.
Over the past few years, New Farm resident Louise Brosnan has lead the community charge in raising awareness regarding her findings relating to EMR (electromagnetic radiation) and to stop Telcos emitting harmful exposure. Her efforts and research have been an attempt to get people doing something about this menace – but also to provide awareness to unsuspecting residents. Louise suffers from microwave sickness or electro-hypersensitivity and claims that Telcos via their installation of a mobile phone tower emission have threatened to assault her with unseen electrical energy. Increasingly, in many territories, wi-fi is being removed from schools and hospitals.
A Justice of the Peace has considered the evidence against the Telcos pursuant to the provisions of the Peace and Good Behaviour Act endorsing the issuing of a complaint and summons against the companies involved. The Telcos have been summoned to appear in Brisbane Magistrates Court [16 June 2016] to face complaints against them. If the evidence proves conclusive, the Telcos will be forced to keep the peace that will restrain them from emitting EMR emissions.
Louise will be represented by Tasmanian barrister Raymond Broomhall. The case has the potential to assist similar cases Australia-wide whereby mobile towers, smart meters and microwave radiation emitting devices continue to impact on the growing number of people wanting to live in their own home.
Vital funds are urgently required to help Louise fight this outrageous state of affairs. If you are able to assist please call on 07 32654211 or email louise.brosnan@brosnangolf.com. Or please make a PLEDGE. Funds will be called on when needed. You will be kept updated on the progress of the case. Please record your pledge and your details on the Survey Monkey page attached to this link:
“I am very much aware of Louise Brosnan’s courageous fight especially under the circumstances where she is literally fighting for her life to be able to remain living in ‘peace’ with her family. I believe the emissions from wi-fi towers are insidious and dangerous as a direct effect from EMR exposure. The telco’s continue to argue that there is little proof either way in regard to such harm, however, I am of the view that if there is a 50% chance of harm to biological life forms, then how the heck can they be permitted to continue to build such a network of towers until the proof is conclusive? To me this ratio spells: RISK, which is surly out of balance in the human equation. Please consider making time to research this issue to form your own opinion because Louise (and an unsuspecting community) need your invaluable support – because this time around, we really need a Miracle!”

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