The Natural Cancer Prevention Summit is online and FREE from May 16-23, 2016.

Unfortunately, there are 14 million new cancer cases diagnosed globally per year, but there is good news… Cancer-causing environmental, nutritional and stress-related risk factors can be prevented! Join us to learn more!

In addition to the 14 million new cases each year, diagnoses of cancer are



June 13 Attorney General Listening Session, Worcester, MA

June 13 Attorney General Listening Session, Worcester

 to/with the AG for the Office of the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Energy and Environment June 13, 2016 Public Listening Session for the Greater Worcester Area (June 13, 2016,  6:00 – 8:00 pm, Mass Audubon’s Broad Meadow Brook Conservation Center and & Wildlife Sanctuary, 414 Massasoit Road Worcester). It would be great if you could also let us know at Halt MA smart Meters @ gmail dot com, as well. Thank you. Clare and Patricia

Attorney General’s Office official flyer HERE.

National Grid Year One Interim Report HERE.

Critique of Interim Report/Infomercial:


Succinct forwardable Constant Contact Announcement here:

MA Smart Meter Opt Out Bill News: 
The Senate Ways and Means Budget will be released on Tuesday May 17th, and Julie DelSobral in Senator Michael Moore’s office plans to file the smart meter amendment Wednesday morning.  By Thursday we hope to have an amendment number to share. After Wednesday morning senators can still sign on as co-sponsors by using the online computer system. In fact senators can sign on online until right before the amendment hits the floor sometime next week. FRIDAY MAY 20th, please call the office of any senator with whom you have established a relationship and ask whether the senator has agreed  to co-sponsor the smart meter amendment and again urge the senator to sign on as a co-sponsor. We hope to have the amendment number by then, and letting the Senator know the amendment number can be an excuse for the call. If you can’t call Friday, please try to call Monday May 23rd.

Senator Jamie Eldridge and Senator Jennifer Flanagan have signed on as co-sponsors as of Monday morning, but other senators who we think may be well disposed towards the smart meter amendment have not yet signed on. As I have been calling senators, I have been encouraged to hear how many have already been contacted by one or by several of their constituents. Please help us make sure that no senator fails to sign on through lack of encouragement.

Many thanks for your efforts,

Thank you,

Sonic Sea is about protecting life in our waters from the destructive effects of oceanic noise pollution


Sonic Sea and Post-Film Talks

Oceans are a sonic symphony. Sound is essential to the survival and prosperity of marine life. But man-made ocean noise is threatening this fragile world.

Sonic Sea is about protecting life in our waters from the destructive effects of oceanic noise pollution.

Starting at 5 PM, representatives from the Cetacean Society International will be on hand before and after each screening to educate, advocate and answer questions about the marine environment!

*Stay after the 6 PM film on Monday, May 23 for a talk with Cynde McInnis the Director of Cetacean Society International. Hartford, CT.   (see link to screenings at bottom of page)

Cynde has worked with Ocean Alliance, the American Cetacean Society and Whale Center of New England developing educational programs and curriculum. Cynde coordinated and participated in teacher training programs through the University of Georgia and MITS (The Museum Institute for Teaching Science). She is an adjunct professor at Salem State University. She is also the owner of The Whalemobile. Her life-sized inflatable whale, Nile, is 43 ft. long and looks like the humpback whale, Nile, a 28 year old female who spends her summers off the coast of Massachusetts. Cynde brings Nile to classrooms around the country to teach students about whales and the oceans, inspiring our next generation of ocean advocates.

**Stay after the 6 PM film on Wednesday, May 25 for a talk with Kate O’Connell!

More speakers to be confirmed – stay tuned!

Collaboration and Support

Cetacean Society International


Queensland-Criminal action against Telecommunications tower

New Farm Community Tower fight and Legal Action

After a great deal of protest, objection and perseverance, the New Farm community is still struggling to stop the installation of a mobile phone telecommunications tower within in close proximity of local homes and a school.
In Queensland assault is a crime and is in all States. Under section 75 of the Queensland Criminal Code there is also a crime called ‘Threatening to Assault’. Assault includes applying or ‘threatening’ to apply non-consensual ‘force’ to a person.  The words ‘applies force’ are defined under the Criminal Code to include ‘electrical energy’.
Over the past few years, New Farm resident Louise Brosnan has lead the community charge in raising awareness regarding her findings relating to EMR (electromagnetic radiation) and to stop Telcos emitting harmful exposure. Her efforts and research have been an attempt to get people doing something about this menace – but also to provide awareness to unsuspecting residents. Louise suffers from microwave sickness or electro-hypersensitivity and claims that Telcos via their installation of a mobile phone tower emission have threatened to assault her with unseen electrical energy. Increasingly, in many territories, wi-fi is being removed from schools and hospitals.
A Justice of the Peace has considered the evidence against the Telcos pursuant to the provisions of the Peace and Good Behaviour Act endorsing the issuing of a complaint and summons against the companies involved. The Telcos have been summoned to appear in Brisbane Magistrates Court [16 June 2016] to face complaints against them. If the evidence proves conclusive, the Telcos will be forced to keep the peace that will restrain them from emitting EMR emissions.
Louise will be represented by Tasmanian barrister Raymond Broomhall. The case has the potential to assist similar cases Australia-wide whereby mobile towers, smart meters and microwave radiation emitting devices continue to impact on the growing number of people wanting to live in their own home.
Vital funds are urgently required to help Louise fight this outrageous state of affairs. If you are able to assist please call on 07 32654211 or email Or please make a PLEDGE. Funds will be called on when needed. You will be kept updated on the progress of the case. Please record your pledge and your details on the Survey Monkey page attached to this link:
“I am very much aware of Louise Brosnan’s courageous fight especially under the circumstances where she is literally fighting for her life to be able to remain living in ‘peace’ with her family. I believe the emissions from wi-fi towers are insidious and dangerous as a direct effect from EMR exposure. The telco’s continue to argue that there is little proof either way in regard to such harm, however, I am of the view that if there is a 50% chance of harm to biological life forms, then how the heck can they be permitted to continue to build such a network of towers until the proof is conclusive? To me this ratio spells: RISK, which is surly out of balance in the human equation. Please consider making time to research this issue to form your own opinion because Louise (and an unsuspecting community) need your invaluable support – because this time around, we really need a Miracle!”

Opinion: Smart Meters = Bad Idea

Opinion: Smart Meters = Bad Idea

dns_Letter_editor_150_110ComEd is using the Energy Infrastructure Modernization Act, also known as the “smart grid modernization bill” (written by ComEd lobbyists), and the Illinois Commerce Commission’s interpretation of that bill, as justification for installing 4,000,000 wireless smart meters, despite the fact that government agencies and the military have known for decades that Radio Frequency/microwaves can cause serious health effects.

ComEd will begin installing smart meters in Lake Forest and Lake Bluff in June. The currently used analog meters are to be replaced by new digital meters.

The RF/microwave emissions from smart meters are listed by the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) as a Class 2B Carcinogen. This the first time in history a known carcinogen has been mandated on ALL homes, schools, and government buildings.

Regarding children and microwave radiation: Children absorb more microwave radiation than adults because their brain tissues are more absorbent, their skulls are thinner and their relative size is smaller. All ComEd smart meters emit RF/microwave radiation into the home and neighborhood every day.

The dangers associated with smart meters include:

  1. potential of a fire in your home, as noted here
  2. privacy invasion caused by the detailed granular data being collected
  3. health threat from RF/Microwave emissions
  4. providing an opening for a thief to hack into the wireless Smart Meter, switch off the security alarm, and enter the premises.

This article, “Smart Meter Dangers: The Health Hazards of Wireless Electromagnetic Radiation Exposure”, lays out in stark details the health hazards of wireless electromagnetic radiation exposure.

The following two articles are a must read. They relate how Radio Frequency/microwave radiation, even at low levels, is a health threat. U.S. military reports nearly 60 years ago confirmed the biological effects of exposure to low level Electromagnetic Radiation.

Yet in presentations in front of Village Boards and City Councils, prior to the targeted date of installation, ComEd claims smart meters are perfectly safe, boasting that meter readers will no longer be needed and that estimated bills will be eliminated when meter readers are unable to gain access to meters. Currently posted at the City of Lake Forest website is this article, “Smart Meters offer you more benefits.” However, the website does not mention the risks nor does it give the delay information and phone number.

Aren’t the risks to health, privacy, security, and fires on the property far more important than any perceived financial benefit? An op-out (delay) is available by calling (866) 368-8326 at a charge of $21.53 a month, until 2018 when smart meter installation is mandatory in Illinois.

A ComEd representative has already spoken in front of the Lake Bluff Village Board and the Lake Forest City Council to discuss the Smart Meter Roll-Out Program.

As a way to point out the many misleading statements that the ComEd representative has presented, this CUBFacts Smart Meter information sheet, with facts supplied by ComEd, was edited accordingly in this article.

Nancy J. Thorner
Lake Bluff

Opinion: Smart Meters = Bad Idea