Customers concerned over PNM smart meter proposal


Customers concerned over PNM smart meter proposal

Devices would give more accurate readings, cost users $5 more

 UPDATED 7:57 AM MDT May 12, 2016
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.The Public Service Company of New Mexico wants to install new smart meters, but not everyone is excited about their proposal.

Company representatives said the new meters would cost them more than $80 million to install. The devices would automatically give a more accurate reading, saving them manpower and money.

The meters, though, would cost each customer $5 more per year. PNM officials couldn’t say whether a more accurate reading would also increase a customer’s bill.

If a customer decides to keep their old meter and opt out of the new smart program, PNM plans to charge that customer $35 up front and another $46.96 per month. They said the service fee would cover the meter readers they do keep to do manual labor.

PNM is sending letters out to explain all of this in their current billing cycle. Some people already got the notice and found it difficult to read. They said there was a lot of important information that was buried.

“Look at that fine print,” one person said.

“Nobody reads that sort of thing,” said another.

People told KOAT they felt as though PNM wasn’t being very transparent with their proposal.

New Mexico’s Public Regulation Commission confirmed Wednesday they had received dozens of complaints from people regarding the new proposal. The PRC plans to hold a public meeting on the matter at the end of August and make a decision as to whether the proposal is a good, fair idea by the end of the year.


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