Flynn Asks Indictment of Canadian Officials

Flynn Asks Indictment of Canadian Officials


Flynn Asks Indictment of Canadian Officials

One of the strongest voices pleading for action is that of retired Canadian Armed Forces Captain Jerry Flynn who is calling for the criminal investigation of the inaction of Canadian officials on the pulsed radiation issue. Flynn spent 26 years in electronic warfare and related areas for the army. Wi-Fi was a weapon to be used against an enemy.

He has sent the following to Health Canada:

“Since May, 2015, the majority of the world’s electromagnetic ‘radiation’ (EMR/EMF) scientists (currently 220 from 42 countries) have signed the “International EMF Scientists Appeal” calling on the United Nations and the World Health Organization to: ‘Protect Mankind and Wildlife from the dangers of EMF and wireless technology.’

“In 2014, fifty-three scientists from 18 countries openly condemned Health Canada’s radiation “Guidelines” (Safety Code 6) and called on Health Canada to: “intervene to help prevent an emerging health crisis”! Also in 2014, 55 Canadian doctors condemned SC- and called on Health Canada to: “protect Canadians from RF (radio frequency) exposure.”

“Scientists say that the astonishing unchecked growth of microwave-emitting wireless radio products mirrors the frightening growth mankind is experiencing in disease epidemics in communities around the world! Such is the scourge of radio / microwave frequency radiation – at even the weakest levels – that no living person or thing can escape it! Yet Prime Minister Trudeau and his key ‘ministers responsible’ are oblivious to the dangers wireless technology poses to Canada’s National Security and to the health, well-being and safety of every person in this country!

“This preposterously evil ‘crime against humanity’ could not happen were it not for two things: 1) provincial health officers have no education, qualifications or expertise in low-level, pulsed non-thermal RF radiation; and 2) North America’s mainstream news media remain sinfully silent on what is happening here and in other countries, especially in Europe, where enlightened people and many governments are struggling to fight back against this same ‘Perfect Storm.’

Only a Federal Criminal Investigation – utilizing only the best available independent, non-conflicted EMF scientists – can save Canada’s national security, its people – and all future generations–from this invisible but pernicious radiation whichnow bathes us and all living things constantly.”


James G. (“Jerry”) Flynn, Captain (Ret’d.)

Bowser, B.C., V0R 1G0

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