Flynn Asks Indictment of Canadian Officials

Flynn Asks Indictment of Canadian Officials


Flynn Asks Indictment of Canadian Officials

One of the strongest voices pleading for action is that of retired Canadian Armed Forces Captain Jerry Flynn who is calling for the criminal investigation of the inaction of Canadian officials on the pulsed radiation issue. Flynn spent 26 years in electronic warfare and related areas for the army. Wi-Fi was a weapon to be used against an enemy.

He has sent the following to Health Canada:

“Since May, 2015, the majority of the world’s electromagnetic ‘radiation’ (EMR/EMF) scientists (currently 220 from 42 countries) have signed the “International EMF Scientists Appeal” calling on the United Nations and the World Health Organization to: ‘Protect Mankind and Wildlife from the dangers of EMF and wireless technology.’

“In 2014, fifty-three scientists from 18 countries openly condemned Health Canada’s radiation “Guidelines” (Safety Code 6) and called on Health Canada to: “intervene to help prevent an emerging health crisis”! Also in 2014, 55 Canadian doctors condemned SC- and called on Health Canada to: “protect Canadians from RF (radio frequency) exposure.”

“Scientists say that the astonishing unchecked growth of microwave-emitting wireless radio products mirrors the frightening growth mankind is experiencing in disease epidemics in communities around the world! Such is the scourge of radio / microwave frequency radiation – at even the weakest levels – that no living person or thing can escape it! Yet Prime Minister Trudeau and his key ‘ministers responsible’ are oblivious to the dangers wireless technology poses to Canada’s National Security and to the health, well-being and safety of every person in this country!

“This preposterously evil ‘crime against humanity’ could not happen were it not for two things: 1) provincial health officers have no education, qualifications or expertise in low-level, pulsed non-thermal RF radiation; and 2) North America’s mainstream news media remain sinfully silent on what is happening here and in other countries, especially in Europe, where enlightened people and many governments are struggling to fight back against this same ‘Perfect Storm.’

Only a Federal Criminal Investigation – utilizing only the best available independent, non-conflicted EMF scientists – can save Canada’s national security, its people – and all future generations–from this invisible but pernicious radiation whichnow bathes us and all living things constantly.”


James G. (“Jerry”) Flynn, Captain (Ret’d.)

Bowser, B.C., V0R 1G0


Keep in mind that the “Pure Tone” noise pollution on the so called Smart Grid is not supposed to be in our air, EVER!!  We are the pioneers of something that has NEVER been studied.  You will note that when the experts write about noise; it has always been a localized issue; not a global one…..Sandaura

Journal of Environmental Research And Development Vol. 8 No. 4, April-June 2014


Review Paper



Savale P. A.

Department of Physics, Arts and Science College, Bhalod, Maharashtra (INDIA)

Received December 15, 2013 Accepted May 28, 2014


Now a day, noise pollution is not a new problem for common man, especially in most of the industrial towns and metropolitans cities. Noise pollution means any sound that is undesired by the recipient. The effect of sound on human depends upon its frequency. Human ear are known to be sensitive to an extremely wide range of intensity varied from 0 to 180 dB. The noise is generated by the human through various ways. In present research article, various sources of noise pollution, measurement of noise, dB scale, equipments used in the measurement of noise levels, impacts of noise, adverse health effects of noise pollution, control of indoor noise, control technologies available for noise pollution and Indian penal codes to prevent noise pollution are the main points of focus of attention. Noise must be controlled and prevented by using various effective techniques at the source itself is today’s need. The objective of this research work is to know about the various ways of generation of noise, their effects on human, its prevention and control.

Key Words : Noise Pollution, Hypertension, Prevention, Human being, dB scale, Impacts of noise


The word noise is derived from the Latin word nausea. Noise means wrong sound in the wrong place at the wrong time. Noise pollution may be defined as unwanted sound which gets damped into the atmosphere without regarding to the adverse effects it may have.1-4 Different people have not affected equally by the same noise. There occurs a vast variation in the individual sensitivity to sound and people are affected differently when they are at home and when they are at work. Sound is measured by several complex systems, but the best known unit of measurement is the decibel (dB). Some peoples can hear frequencies that others are not able to detect.

Sources of noise pollution include inter alia, vehicular traffic, neighborhood, electrical appliances, TV and music systems, public address systems, railway and air traffic and electricity generating sets. Most of the people inhabiting metropolitan cities or big towns and those working in factories are susceptible to the adverse effects of noise. The problem of noise pollution is less in small towns and villages. But, those residing in villages or towns along the national or state highways or close to railway tracks do bear the burnt of excessive noise. Indiscriminate use of horn by the vehicles and widespread use of loud speakers in Indian social and religious ceremonies cause several health hazards to the urban inhabitants. It may cause deafness, nervous breakdown, mental disorder, heart troubles and high blood pressure, head-aches, dizziness, inefficiency and insomnia.5 Though noise pollution is a slow and subtle killer, yet very little efforts have been made to ameliorate the same. It is along with other types of pollution has become a hazard to quality of life. Kiernan finds that an even relatively low level of noise affects human health adversely. It may cause hypertension, disrupt sleep and hinder cognitive development in children.6 The effects of excessive noise could be so severe that either there is a permanent loss of memory or a psychiatric disorder.7 Thus, there are many an adverse effects of excessive noise or sudden exposure to noise.






The Industry is aware of the environmental pollution, but don’t give a shit..

….about human lives.

…..A new generation of FACTS devices will be needed with faster switching speeds and wireless capabilities, increasing the frequency of radiated and conducted noise.

New Technology Confronts An Old Enemy

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It’s important to know the facts, potential risks of smart meters


It’s important to know the facts, potential risks of smart meters


May 10, 2016
By DEBRA GREENE , For The Maui News

In her April 24 Viewpoint, Maui Electric Co. President Sharon Suzuki sang the praises of smart-grid technology, which includes blanketing the islands with smart meters. The plan, proposed by parent company Hawaiian Electric Industries, is now before the Public Utilities Commission.

No public testimony will be allowed in that process, so it’s important to know the facts about smart meters. They pose a threat to your safety, privacy, freedom, health and your wallet.

1. Your bill will go up. Hawaiian Electric’s $340 million smart-meter project will be ratepayer funded. Plus, where smart meters have been deployed elsewhere, energy bills have consistently increased, sometimes drastically. Price increases will be steeper when Time-of-Use pricing goes into effect. We will be charged more for electricity when we need it most.

2. Smart meters violate privacy. “With smart meters, police will have access to data that might be used to track residents’ daily lives and routines inside their homes, including their eating, sleeping and showering habits, what appliances they use, and when and whether they prefer the television to the treadmill, among a host of other details,” according to a U.S. Congressional Research Report. Also, the Hawaii Civil Liberties Union has expressed concerns about Fourth Amendment rights violations posed by smart meters.

3. Expect your detailed energy-use information, as described above, to be sold to third-party vendors to market products or track your activities. This is already being done in some Mainland jurisdictions and generates a substantial new revenue stream for the utility.

4. Smart meters do not help the environment or save energy. In fact, smart meters and mesh-grid systems take more energy because they require a multitude of additional wireless transmitters that use additional energy. If any energy savings is to be had, it requires you to take time out of your busy day to log-on to a website, study the charts and graphs available, and change your lifestyle inside your home to use energy more efficiently or buy expensive energy-efficient appliances.

5. There have been thousands of fires worldwide related to smart meters. Faulty installations, old wiring and impact vulnerabilities have been cited. Massive and expensive smart-meter installations have at times been halted because of documented fires. Most smart meters are not UL approved.

6. Smart meters are a health hazard. There are over 6,000 studies showing biological effects from the same form of radiation that smart meters emit. The World Health Organization has categorized such EMFs as a Class 2B possible carcinogen, the same class as DDT, chloroform and car exhaust.

7. Smart meters have been shown to emit between 5,000 to 190,000 pulses/day. These pulses occur randomly every few seconds throughout the day and night. There is evidence this unpredictable pulsation makes smart meters more toxic than cellphones or Wi-Fi, which are likely toxic themselves but emit more steady signals. It’s like the difference between white noise versus erratic loud blasts.

8. Smart meters have not been proven to be safe. Despite what the HEI website says, no one can make this claim. Although the meters meet FCC guidelines, such guidelines were established decades ago, before the proliferation of wireless devices, and the guidelines were not designed to protect us from long-term exposure to nonthermal levels of microwave radiation emitted by smart meters. People are becoming ill and authorities are speaking out, but there is a lag in policy change (think tobacco industry).

9. Smart meters make Hawaii’s electrical grid vulnerable to cyberattack. Cybercrime is on the rise and “secure” systems, from corporations to governments and the U.S. military, get hacked into frequently. Making Hawaii’s grid wireless threatens energy security, as one rogue individual could take down the entire power grid.

10. No one is required to accept a smart meter. MECO’s plan allows for an opt-out and they will charge for it, a $15.30 monthly fee. Some people are calling this extortion. And if you don’t opt-out in advance you will have to pay $49.52 to get the smart meter removed.

For sample opt-out letters and more information, please visit and sign our petition to stop smart meters in Hawaii until they are proven safe and secure.

* Debra Greene, Ph.D., energy health and environment consultant, is the Founder of, a Maui-based educational service that provides consumer information about smart meters and smart-grid technologies.

scientists call for the retraction of a study from a top industry researcher claiming that children are not at higher risk from mobile phones

May 10 (18 hours ago)
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[image: Inline images 1] Press Release As the world’s radiation protection agency meets in Cape Town, scientists call for the retraction of a study from a top industry researcher claiming that children are not at higher risk from mobile phones
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Press Release

As the world’s radiation protection agency meets in Cape Town, scientists call for the retraction of

a study from a top industry researcher claiming that children are not at higher risk from mobile phones

May 9, 2016

The International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) is a self-appointed body that sets the safety guidelines used by the World Health Organisation to cover all radiation from electrical and electronic apparatus, including power lines, smartphones, wifi, and telecoms masts.

ICNIRP is currently meeting in Cape Town to decide, among other things, whether there is any evidence that children are at higher risk from this radiation. ICNIRP has not revised its radiation safety guidelines since 1998, completely ignoring the vast proliferation of wireless technologies since then, including the widespread use of mobile phones by children.

As this international scientific workshop convenes, a call is being made for the retraction of a paper on children’s exposure to radiation, produced by one of the most prominent industry-associated researchers in this field, Professor “C-K” Chou, the former head of research at Motorola Laboratories. Chou is a well-known and controversial figure who has argued for decades that there is no danger from mobile phones, despite even his own research early in his career showing greatly elevated cancer rates in rats exposed to microwaves (he called this a “provocative” finding at the time).

However, a recent paper by Kenneth Foster and C-K Chou contains such obvious manipulation that open calls are being made by other scientists for this study to be retracted. Great concern has been raised about the exposure of children to mobile phone radiation; many news articles quote scientists saying that children’s heads absorb more of this radiation than do adults’ heads. Foster & Chou produced a scientific review paper in which they claim that the research does not show children absorbing more radiation.

A new analysis has shown their paper to be blatantly biased in its representation of the studies reviewed. We sincerely invite you to watch a short video ( featuring Dr Robert Morris, one of the scientists calling for this paper’s retraction, and see for yourself the obvious and clear bias of Foster & Chou in misrepresenting the scientific findings of the studies they quote. The findings are summarised in the table below, which shows a systematic error in Foster & Chou’s reporting of what the studies actually said; in fact, they completely invert the real findings. This is absolutely inexcusable for a review article. The authors are displaying more than simple bias; they are engaging in sustained and outright academic fraud.

This is far from being an isolated case. There are many studies that are widely quoted in the press regarding mobile phones and health that are known to be deliberately biased. The most notorious is the so-called Danish Cohort Study, which used data from the Danish Cancer Registry. The epidemiologist George Carlo, who was hired by the US wireless industry to research health risks, has revealed how these Danish researchers approached him for funding, openly saying that they could produce results that were favourable to industry. Carlo, who is also a lawyer, rejected their offer of rigged findings.

These researchers then obtained funding from the Danish telecoms industry and duly produced an oft-quoted study that found no association between cancer and mobile phone use for over 400,000 Danes. The sheer size of the study impressed many journalists, and this study is still often quoted in the media. Yet these researchers openly admit that they took the most-exposed group of mobile phone users – corporate users whose phone bills were paid by their companies – and classified them as “unexposed” to mobile phone radiation.

Correcting for this and other errors, Prof Michael Kundi of the Medical University of Vienna, demonstrated that the Danish study actually showed a clear increase in cancers with mobile phone use. Yet despitecalls from other top researchers to have this study retracted, it is still often quoted in the media as showing that mobile phones are safe.

The authoritative publication Microwave News has demonstrated that nearly all the studies that claim to find that mobile phones are safe were funded by industry; and that the “balance of scientific probabilities” is completely skewed by a host of industry-funded studies that are given undue weight by bodies such as ICNIRP. Studies that do find problems are either completely ignored or else are subjected to minute criticism that is never given to studies that report no health effects.

If a paper does report a clear health hazard, there are immediate calls for it to be replicated, even when this is essentially impossible. In one example, researchers measured the exposure to magnetic fields of pregnant women, and correlated this with asthma rates in their children 13 years later. They found a 250% increase in asthma in children whose mothers had a high exposure during pregnancy. Industry immediately called for a “replication” of this unique experiment, despite the fact that it would take another 13 years to complete and would be conducted in a completely different radiation environment.

As ICNIRP meets to decide the radiation exposure of most of the world, we encourage journalists to look at the reality behind the platitudes about mobile phones, wifi, and telecoms towers being safe. The ICNIRP guidelines are only intended to prevent overheating within a six-minute period. This is totally inadequate for 24-hour exposure from masts and always-on wifi, or for children who talk for hours a day on mobile phones. There are well over ten thousand scientific papers showing a vast range of health problems and biological effects caused by electromagnetic radiation at “non-thermal” levels; and we invite you to investigate the clear evidence that there is direct fraud in the industry-backed research claiming that exposure to this radiation is safe.

Press release issued by the Electromagnetic Radiation Research Foundation of South Africa.
For further inquiries, please contact the EMRRFSA on Tel: +27 11 326-0015, int…,; Dr Devra Davis of the Environmental Health Trust at me…, ehtrust.orgor Dr Bob Morris at drbob…

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