Scientists warn of ‘global sleep crisis’

The first symptom people have reported related to the smart meter installations is insomnia, nervous tension and irritability (from lack of sleep).  Many at the time, not aware that a smart meter was installed.  This reveals that the insomnia is juxtaposed to the installation of the so called $$mart meters.  The noise pollution is also juxtaposed!!…Sandaura

Scientists warn of ‘global sleep crisis’ from data collected on smartphone app

The data has been analysed by experts writing in the journal Science Advances, who used the app Entrain

A “global sleep crisis” is being triggered by the social pressures of modern living, a new study based around a smartphone app has claimed.

Scientists from the University of Michigan have been tracking the sleep patterns of people from around the world in a huge study.

They have been analysing data based on the age and gender of people, alongside their exposure to natural light where they slept.

Sleeping patterns across 100 countries were analysed.

The study reads: “The effects of society on sleep remain largely unquantified.

‘We find that social pressures weaken and/or conceal biological drives in the evening’
“We find that social pressures weaken and/or conceal biological drives in the evening, leading individuals to delay their bedtime and shorten their sleep.”

People who suffer from a lack of sleep tend to not get a good night’s rest because of the time they go to bed, the study found.

However researchers believe that age is the main factor in deciding how good a night’s sleep someone can get.

More than 6,000 people aged from 15 and up used the app Entrain to send scientists their sleeping data.

A worker yawns on his way to work

The app was developed by the University of Michigan, and tries to help users figure out what time their body thinks it is now.

Researchers found that those who have under slept will suffer reduced cognitive abilities throughout the day.

The study concludes: “Impaired sleep presents an immediate and pressing threat to human health.”



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Mark Ritchie
Having sleep issues…?  The first thing I ask you is – Where is your mobile phone when you are trying to sleep?

I was trained as an RF technician in the military, but even I did not realize or put the reason I was having trouble sleeping on the powerful small device on my night stand, next to my bed, on a foot or two from my head.

A mobile phone is a powerful RF Transmitter/Receiver; capable of sending and receiving signals up to 65 miles away.  And this is next to your head while you are sleeping.  Mixing and messing with your brain waves and bodies electrical signals.  Add to that, your home’s wireless router, devices, and in some cases powerful Electric company meters.

At first, I thought it wasn’t the reason as well.  But I did an experiment after reading several articles that pulled out old knowledge from the military, twenty years buried in my memory.  At night, I turn my cell phone off or put it in Airplane mode, turned off my wireless equipment (they are not used at that time anyways, why leave them on).  After a week, I was waking up less at night and noticed I was sleeping deeper.  Two weeks, I only woke up when I needed to use the restroom and the dark circles disappeared





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