What To Do When The Sheriff and Utility Company Illegally Disconnects You


What To Do When The Sheriff and Utility Company Illegally

Disconnects You

Steven Magee had to call the Sheriff to his home due to a suspected utility company impostor who was

refusing to show his Tucson Electric Power (TEP) customer service identification card. Steven Magee

is an electrical fraud researcher and realized that his health, safety and reputation was at risk in the

presence of a suspected impostor who had shown up to his home unannounced. Steven Magee had

called 911 to be protected from this suspected impostor due to his fears. Instead the Sheriff engaged in

the harassment of Steven Magee by illegally disconnecting his electricity for eleven nights. Steven

Magee had to place two 911 calls reporting ongoing harassment after unsuccessfully trying to get his

electricity reconnected on four occasions. The second 911 call resulted in the Sheriff escorting the

utility company to his home and reconnecting the electricity. Steven Magee is a Chartered Electrical

Engineer and author of Electrical Forensics.

When interacting by your utility company and law enforcement, do should do the following:

1. Video record everything, including phone calls. They will blatantly deny much that is not video

recorded. It is preferable to use high definition (HD) video with fully charged batteries and

large 64 GB memory cards. It is completely legal to video record in public places in the State

of Arizona and you do not need permission from anyone. Check the recording laws in your

state here: http://www.rcfp.org/reporters-recording-guide/

2. Upload your video to the internet using free services such as YouTube: http://www.youtube.com.

Law breakers do not like publicity. Break your video up into smaller videos with a variety of

distinctly different titles, as many smaller videos will be seen by more people than one large


3. Only communicate on email where possible. You will need everything in writing for your

records. Make sure your emails include the following statement “This email and all replies are

for public viewing and for publication to the internet”.

4. Exercise your legal right to silence with law enforcement. Many law enforcement agencies will

interrogate you until they have enough information to protect the utility company. That

interrogation may be extensive. Shut it down at the earliest opportunity by clearly stating “I am

now exercising my legal right to silence”. Repeat it when necessary.

5. Start a website and publish your story to it. Free websites are available from Weebly:


6. Use social media to get your story out to the world. Use Facebook: http://www.facebook.com,

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ and so on.

7. Know the Law. Your utility has a government regulator and they have to abide by government

laws. In the State of Arizona their regulator is the Arizona Corporation Comission (ACC) and

their laws are the State Of Arizona Administrative Code.

8. File complaints to as many organizations as you can. In the State of Arizona this would be the

Arizona Corporation Comission (ACC), Better Business Bureau (BBB), Arizona Attorney

General, and to the Pima County Sheriff. Multiple complaints have more chance of success

than complaining to a single agency.

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