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SMART METER COVER-UP-a rapidly growing public health crisis

Subject: [EMF] Miracle at the FCC OET

April 30, 2016
Dear smart activists one and all,

Would you believe it, a miracle?!  In the age of miracles, which I thought had ended in Biblical times, sometimes after a 4 month delay a federal bureaucracy finally sends some answers to policy questions about equipment authorization, although those answers include some that are false, misleading, irrelevant or incomplete.  Also, in this age of miracles the interested person who wrote the initial set of policy questions writes and asks follow up questions which were raised by the federal bureaucracy’s initial set of answers. 

Following more than a six (6) month delay, in which the questioner’s Member of Congress (Rep. Ami Bera) (actually his staff) makes multiple phone calls and a few written attempts to the bureaucracy’s liaison on behalf of the constituent, sometimes in this age of miracles the bureaucracy finally sends its answers!!


Hopefully next time it won’t take so long.  Overall there was a 4 month delay (to the first set of answers) and a 6 month delay (to the second set) for a total of 10 months of delay.  My hunch is that FCC OET is and has been avoiding the issue on purpose, not just because it is a big agency or because I asked many questions, but because they are and have been knowingly allowing certain grantees or licensees to knowingly violate the terms and conditions of the grant of equipment authorization in question. 

This affects not millions but TENS of millions of “smart” electric meters placed on people’s homes, almost always without consent, usually without any choice of an alternative meter (say for example an analog electric meter, safe and reliable, which EVERY customer for EVERY utility in the world had before Uncle Sam got addicted to “smart” meters), and which irradiate the consumer in his or her home with hazardous microwave and radio frequency radiation (at 2.4 GHz and 5.0 to 5.8 GHz).  This health hazard is causing a rapidly growing public health crisis. 

Keeping this information away from the public and out of view of Congress is a way to protect industry profits and with Tom Wheeler in charge that is exactly what FCC OET is committed to doing, and [is] doing.

That is all for now.  Keep up the great work everybody.  The ES (electro people, the children, the elderly, and anybody whose body is already ailing from anything need to be protected from EMR.  We are the ones working to make it happen.  Keep it up!


PG&E spent millions on adding the HAN-The energy savings are basically zero…

Attached is PG&E’s 2015 filing on smart meter cost and energy savings. This is hard to read, and filled with language that maybe a statistician might understand. A quick read looks like very few customers (out of the millions) are using the web tools and only 3527 HAN devices have been turned on. PG&E spent millions on adding the HAN, in both their “upgrade” and a retrofit for 200,000+ devices already installed. The energy savings are basically zero, except for business time of use customers.

> Subject: A07 12 009, PG&E’s Compliance Filing Pursuant to D.09 03 026


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Prepared for:

Pacific Gas and Electric Company April 29, 2016