Suzanne Somers interview on the biological and Health Impacts of Electromagnetic Fields

Thank you Suzanne, for talking about the dangers of smart meters….Sandaura

People are saying no to gas, water and electric smart meters, but are being denied in States across the country.  So demanding the removal is not that easy, but with persistence and the proper demand letter it can be done.  You can download the letter at

Camilla Rees interviews Suzanne Somers on the biological and health impacts of electromagnetic fields (2016).
Suzanne is a well known actress, best-selling author, singer, business woman and public health advocate.

Former FDA commissioner Margaret Hamburg has been named in a massive conspiracy

We are way beyond trusting politics as usual; as reflected in our current political cycle.  Actions speak louder than words.  The smart meter movement is not on the front page.  The Federal Government EPA, FDA,FCC and State Regulatory agencies are all on board to WiFry and cook its citizens to death as well as electrify us with dirty electricity 24 hours a day. Forget about making healthy lifestyle choices for you and your family. The government has not given us a choice.  We cannot shield or escape the pollution. If you do not take personal responsibility for these crimes against humanity by fighting and standing up to these criminals; there will be no hope to stop this insanity…..Sandaura

The Health Ranger
Former FDA commissioner Margaret Hamburg has been named in a massive conspiracy and racketeering lawsuit involving a Wall Street hedge fund, Johnson & Johnson and the drug Levaquin.
According to the complaint files in federal court, Hamburg conspired to approve a deadly drug that caused 5,000 deaths so that millions of dollars in profits could be generated through her husband’s financial interests in a Wall Street hedge fund that invested heavily in Johnson & Johnson.
Click here for my full story, which includes highlights from the lawsuit.
(By the way, EVERYTHING in the pharmaceutical industry is a criminal fraud… all the people at the top need to be indicted, arrested and prosecuted…)
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