What’s the Difference Between PLC and RF for Smart-Meter Backhaul?

PLC EQUALS NOISE! NOISE! NOISE!  THE MOMENT PLC WAS TURNED ON IN OUR TOWN THE ENVIRONMENT WAS AND STILL IS POLLUTED WITH ILLEGAL “PURE TONES”.  Pure tones are deemed a public health hazard because pure tones are an air pollutant as per the EPA since 1974.   People are becoming increasing ill from the expose to the radiation levels and dirty electricity caused by the smart grid technology used for the communication layer of the ( not so ) smart grid.

An 87 year old woman called me yesterday.  I could hear the stress in her voice.  She moved from New Jersey, where she lived all her life, in order be near family;  where she bought a condo.  She said her health was good, but in the year and one month of living in Massachusetts her health has failed.  She added that while standing in her kitchen she feels strange and sick. “My head and ears feel pressure”, she said. This prompted her to research her environment.  She found a digital smart meter on the outside wall of her kitchen.  She went online where she googled for information and found my petition, which she signed.

We discussed what steps she could take in removing and replacing the meter with a mechanical analog and in the mean time how to shield the meter that is in place now.  Her sister is a retired electrical engineer, who did not understand what she is going through. So, I understood how she feels very much alone, in a new place, and frightened for her health and wellbeing and not knowing why this happening to her.  This is why activism and fighting the stop smart meters issue is so important.  Not everyone is in a position to fight.  We must fight for the elderly, the disabled, our children, animals and wildlife.  Is simply is not morally ethical to take a back seat.  We are under siege; ALL of our lives are being threatened and compromised by this pollution allowed by OUR Government.

She repeatedly thanked me for my time and generosity.  Can you imagine, she said, “You made my day”.  Her day?  her day should be spent doing fun things, pursuing her interests, making new friends.  NOT RESEARCHING WHAT THE FUCK SMART METERS ARE DOING TO HUMANS, CHILDREN, OUR PETS AND WILDLIFE.  This is just not right.  You assholes will pay for these crimes.  You cannot get away with this much longer.  We will not be dismissed, denied, ignored or abused or be victim to your ignorance and apathy.  You suck, you belong in Jail and you know who you are.  I will point out that anyone who is endorsing, enforcing, supporting this deadly technology and are not taking personal responsibility in stopping the smart grid technology; the you are an accomplice to the biggest global genocide in history of the world.  Moral awareness is a step toward action……..Sandaura


EXCERPTS: However, power lines are constructed with the primary objective of delivering electricity. Electricity’s complex distribution network and noisy environments may cause various forms of interference to PLC, resulting in unstable communications. Interference-inducing factors include:

What’s the Difference Between PLC and RF for Smart-Meter Backhaul?

Despite their disparities, both technologies can be used in a complementary fashion to solve obstruction, interference, and attenuation issues.




One comment on “What’s the Difference Between PLC and RF for Smart-Meter Backhaul?

  1. I hear similar stories where I live. Many don’t connect it or if I connect for them, they can’t believe it. You are right, we need to keep letting folk know!

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