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Cici Doucette: From Ashland. We have first public schools in the nation to have best practices for mobile device use. We put wifi meter in public library, leader in electromagnetic sensitivity. Commenting on Smart Meter petitions. Disrupting cell to cell communication. Disruptive free radicals. Contribute to today’s skyrocketing illnesses, brain fog. Circadian rhythym – release melatonin, which cleans up free radicals. The pineal grand cannot distinguish between natural light and radiation, emitted from wireless devices and meters. We don’t get the melatonin released to clean up the free radicals. This form of radiation is used in controlled medical settings to grow bones. In uncontrolled environment, causes free radicals to go haywire. We can hardwire or put personal devices in airplane mode. Smart meter is the only device we personally cannot control in our homes. I hope that you are each a true public servant and not getting seduced by corporate profits, could end up paying more in special ed costs.

Lance McKee: MA Bill S1222, before joint committee of public health. Would study health impacts of electromagnetic fields. Encourage city to work with state delegation, be sure that bill is passed so there will be a committee created to study that. I would be pleased to be the liaison to that committee to keep Council informed of that progress as they research that issue.

Leslie Staffer: From beautiful District 5. I dedicate to all of us, but in particular to the children of today and 7 generation and beyond. In the 1950s, Truth and Consequences was the first game show, so successful a town in New Mexico changed its name to match. Webster’s Dictionary defines truth as that which is in accordance with fact or reality. Cites Webster on “deceit.” We didn’t get it right with thalydimide, tobacco, water in Michigan, and some say, climate change. Explosion of wireless devices over the last five years is having pulsed radiation on unprotected people. 5,000+ peer reviewed studies. At least embrace open minded caution. Let’s avoid expensive historical consequences. Defines ?? principle.

Sam Girsh: From Providence, RI: Forensic engineer, building construction consultant. Spent time in Nuclear power plants. Measured electromagnetic fields. A number of other projects in transportation field have been within Natl Grid fields, measuring effects on various structures. Have built magnetic physiology units, have built shielding. Handed out documents, effects of electric fields on biological. Theoretical and conclusive lab evidence of health effects from IEEE. Smart Meter program – there should be a design submittal for multiple Smart Meters in a bank demonstrating they don’t exceed safety standards. Testimony that these devices only last 7 years, requiring replacement, not 30. We have Google, Apple, Microsoft, all pump out software to repair security flaws. I know we all love our computers. I don’t believe the power company has any experience with software/hardware encryption compared to these companies. Privacy violation waiting to happen.



John Provost: Speaking on 8.1. I’ve done some research on smart meters and security breaches, and I’m confident, it’s a cat and mouse game, that companies will address security leaks that are being found. A bigger concern is the smart grid and the security breaches we’ve seen, Tingsborough, they shot up a plant in 2013, causing million of dollars of damage and attempted to blow up a fuel tank in Arizona. Ap investigation in 2015, They need better passwords than 1234. Iranians have cyberhacked 86 power plants owned by Centerpoint Energy in Houston. We’ve got problems and we’ve got to wake up. Also, 7C. Smart meters may come in under IEEE parameters, but it’s uncertain that they do not affect human physiology. Just like emergency vehicles will not burn you with flashing lights, they might keep you awake. You can’t stop radio waves, Mr. Mayor.

Ralph Turner: From Dudley. Work for Ethiopian Dream Center. Senior Comm Employment program. Front desk work. Trained to process SNAP benefits. Learned to use office equipment. Request that our 40 hours per week be counted for 20 percent requirement for CDBG.

Mesfin Beshir: I hope you help our agency, come up with something so our people. Got call from client, baby was sick, I couldn’t get there because they don’t speak English, I had to call ambulance. Child in hospital now. I hope those children won’t die because no one is there to transmit to help them.

Patricia Berg: From Millis. Center for Public Integrity published series on Science for Sale. Peter Valberg glossed over deaths, tied to cigarettes. Tobacco scientist who told Worcester Zoning Board antennaes for Smart Meters were safe. Science is tainted. Sen. Markey and Sen. Warren wrote last week, requested Natl Science Library make changes, make conflicts of interests revealed. Peter Vallberg testified the same week MA overruled citizen complaints about Smart Meters. Because Valberg works as “liar for hire,” no basis for smart meters being safe. City must decide whether to support top-down agenda.



7B: Susan Lozoraitis request City Council call for an independent, public, transparent investigation of Worcester’s National Grid Smart Meter pilot program and the Department of Public Utilities (DPU) by the Attorney General, legislature, and the Baker Administration, because National Grid has publicized a misleading 98% retention rate, while at least 4,000 out of 15,000 have dropped out.

Lozoraitis: Cites figures, pilot size in T+G, Globe, others, went from 15k to 11k. Something is very wrong with the math coming out of Worcester. We do not know if all the residents in the pilot know there is a smart meter. No notification of informed consent. Natl Grid has its own employees in the pilot. What was the true cost of not getting permission from residents? Now Natl Grid is asking for a rate hike. Something is very wrong with the math. We need an independent, public investigation.

7C: Judith Alden request City Council call for an independent, transparent public investigation by the State Attorney General and the Baker Administration because National Grid, Worcester Zoning, and the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities (DPU) relied on the testimony of a career tobacco scientist Peter Valberg and because there are no safety standards for long term chronic exposure to pulsed microwaves.

Alden: I’m participating in a study of Worcester residents with hypertension, second study in ? Years. No study for Smart Meter pilot. Bodies being damaged by microwaves. Drug for blood pressure for young men who were violent to control violence? Worked at Bridgewater State Hospital. Experts don’t agree with Peter Valberg. One of Worcester’s former City Councilors thought the pilot was worth the calculated risk. It’s a huge risk, and the people never got to vote. It’s looking like the pilot results are also supposed to be a done deal, that’s why we need the study. Think about your own children and grandchildren and did you do everything to protect them?

7D: Pamela Steinberg request City of Worcester immediately enlist the State Attorney General, Inspector General, State Auditor and the Baker Administration to publicly investigate cost overruns and cost reporting of the National Grid smart meter pilot program, including the costs being incurred by the Department of Public Utilities (DPU) and other MA agencies to promote smart meters.

Steinberg: The cost of the Smart Meter program was reported to be between? Has risen 50 percent, as number of participants drop. Current cost is $72 mil, $27 mil over budget. Former AG Martha Coakley declared program too expensive. Factoring in additional $72 mil, actual cost per meter is 6500. What is the official cost of the program? Why is Natl Grid misrepresenting?

7D: Pamela Steinberg request City of Worcester immediately enlist the State Attorney General, Inspector General, State Auditor and the Baker Administration to publicly investigate cost overruns and cost reporting of the National Grid smart meter pilot program, including the costs being incurred by the Department of Public Utilities (DPU) and other MA agencies to promote smart meters.

7E: Christopher Maider request City Council call for an investigation by the State Attorney General, Inspector General and State Auditor because of claims of a $1.25M savings attributed to the Worcester National Grid smart meter pilot program.

City Council Blog 4/12/16