Hawaiian Electric’s smart grid bad idea

April 8, 2016 – 5:58pm

Hawaiian Electric’s smart grid bad idea

Hawaiian Electric wants to install a smart grid in Hawaii. Their reasons might sound appealing at first glance, but when you do the research you will find it’s a really stupid idea.

Smart grids and smart meters only benefit utility companies, at the expense of their customers.

Does a company that sells electricity really want you to use less? No, they want you to pay extra for the privilege of using electricity when you need to use it. This is what is called time of use (TOU) pricing which only works with a smart meter, a 45 percent price increase from 4 p.m. to midnight when you need it most. The term “give customers more control over their electric usage” simply means forcing you to alter your behavior by shifting how and when you use electricity. In other words, to save electricity, do your laundry in the middle of the night when rates are cheaper or maybe sit in the dark. Play by the utilities rules or pay more!

Smart meters are much more accurate than analog meters so you will pay more.

Smart meters are data recorders, too, profiling and recording your household activities 24/7. Data that can be sold to third parties or shared with police or government without your consent.

Smart meters emit dangerous pulsed microwave radiation 24/7. This is an involuntary exposure that cannot be turned off. Utilities claim smart meters are safe because they comply with FCC regulations. Unfortunately, the FCC regulations do not protect you from the biological effects (cellular damage) due to the pulsed microwave radiation from a smart meter.

Smart meters operating in a smart grid mesh network have never been tested for safety. Smart meters have also caused electrical fires in many states across America. Just say no to smart meters!

Ron Becker

HAWAII-HECO files grid modernization plan including $340M smart meter project

HECO files grid modernization plan including $340M smart meter project

 By | April 4, 2016 

Dive Brief:

Utilities have installed smart meters across our country without proof that this technology is safe and does not harm the public.  What kind of screwed up logic is this to put the burden of proof on the public?  The policy makers do not allow health as reason; nor are they under obligation by our Federal Government to even defend Health and this is because they cannot; other than hide behind FCC limits that are over 20 years old; based on studies that preceded, WiFi, Smart Meters, BPL/PLC, 3G and 4G technology.  Why is the government allowing our children to be microwaved in our schools?  Why is the government allowing those who are ill or compromised to be exposed to public environments that make them sicker; including their own home?)…Sandaura

Not everyone is in favor of the smart meters. A group called Stop Smart Meters Hawaii maintains a website maintaining the meters are invasive, dangerous and not green. HECO said its proposal ensures customers will be informed ahead of meter installation and can opt out of the program if they choose for a $15 monthly fee. (Customers should not be penalized for protecting themselves and their families from harmful pulsed microwave radio frequencies.)….Sandaura

HECO describes a “modern wireless communication network, smart meters and enhanced technology that will upgrade the existing electric grid to be more automated and energy efficient. The new meters will help improve outage detection and restoration, as well as giving customers more information about their electricity usage to help manage their bills. Meter reads and move-in/move-out requests could also be automated.  (It has never been about efficiency or information of usage for the customers.  The customers who are knowledgable of this technology are fighting against the smart meters because of the harm the smart meters expose the public to.)…..Sandaura


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